8 Tips to Prevent External Hard Drive Data Loss

Updated October 6, 2023

Prevention of losing your essential data is indeed a necessary task as information is considered the biggest asset of a person. Yes, you are reading, right as data is something more than essential for any person, no matter it is stored in your computer hard drive or on any other personal storage device. As we know that the world is evolving with such a rapid speed that everybody is moving towards technology and the advancement of information technology brings a lot of positive changes in everyday life. Besides the positive changes, there are some negative impacts of technology improvement as there is more threat of loss of your data. Most of the people using a computer or laptop have their data stored in their hard drive. The hard drive is considered the heart of the computer containing all of your essential data that you can get on just one of your clicks. One of the necessary information here for you is that data stored in your hard drive always has the threat of loss as there is no guarantee of the life of a hard drive. Thus it is very important that you chose a reliable hard drive recovery company when the need arises.

Thousands of hard drives failed every day, and you would be shocked to know that recent studies have revealed that almost 140,000 hard drives failed every week in the United States only. What a shocking and drastic news for those who have stored all of their data in their hard drives. There are multiple reasons for the hard drive failures, and it would not be wrong to say that there is no time for a hard drive failure. If you are also worried about your important data and want to protect your hard drive from any faults, this article is especially for you. Yes, you are reading right, as we bring here for you some of the main reasons that cause the hard drives’ failures, and we will also tell you here some amazing tips that will help you prevent your hard drive from failure. So don’t worry anymore and protect your essential data by knowing the reasons for hard drive failures and the protection tips of increasing the life of your hard drive, which are as follows:

Reasons for Hard drive failures:

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Some of the main and common reasons for hard drive failures by knowing which you can protect your data are as follows:

1- Over Heating:

One of the main reasons behind the loss of your hard drive is overheating. Yes, you are reading right, as overheating is a common problem in your laptop, and you also ignore this problem by thinking it would not harm your computer. But your hard drive won’t bear this overheating and fails to work. If your laptop also overheats, then don’t ignore it as it may cause some severe damage to your laptop and computer.

2- Water or fire damage:

One of the other reasons for losing your data because of hard drive failure is water and fire damage. Many people have a habit of starting eating and drinking as they sit on a laptop and computer, and this habit causes severe damage to your laptop. Yes, laptops or computers don’t bear any water or fire damage and resultantly cause your hard drive’s instant failure.  So change your habit today to prevent your essential data and increase the life span of your hard drive.

3- Exposure to Magnetic Fields:

Here we bring you another important reason for your hard drive failure. You must have to be conscious while placing your laptop as if you place your laptop in a place of magnetic field then be ready for the failure of your hard drive and the whole of your laptop. The positive and negative attraction of the magnetic field causes your hard drive’s fault and, in return, loss of data.

4- Power Outages:

One of the other essential things that play a vital role in the life of your hard drive is the power source. Yes, you are reading right, as your power source may cause the failure of the hard drive. Any instability in your power source can cause severe damage to your laptop, which resultantly costs you many dollars and also can cause the loss of your essential data, which is indeed a bigger loss than money.

Hard drive Protection Tips:

In order to increase the lifespan of your hard drive and prevent it from any failures, you must have to acquire the following tips:

1- Protect Your Hard Drive From Virus:

The first and foremost thing you have to do is prevent your hard drive from any virus attacks. One of the important stuff here for you is that a virus attack is considered the leading reason for the hard drive failure. You can use anti-virus software in order to protect your data from any loss as a virus attack can delete your data so ready yourself before a virus attack.

2- Never Use Boot Drive for storing data:

One of the main mistakes that most laptop or computer holders perform is storing essential data in the same drive where the operating system is installed. If you also perform this mistake already, then change it immediately in order to protect your important data. It can also cause the hard drive failure, so take steps before any bigger loss.

3- Update your operating system regularly:

In order to protect your hard drive from failure, one of the other primary steps that you perform is the updating of your system. Yes, you are reading right, as Microsoft updates can prevent your computer from any virus attack. Many critical updates are added by Microsoft, which will protect your hard drive from failure.

4- Regular monitoring the health of hard drive:

Here we bring you another essential and reliable way that will help you to increase the lifespan of your hard drive.  All you have to do is regularly monitor the health of your hard drive. There are many hard drive health monitoring tools available in the market, which will give you an accurate report of your hard drive. Regular monitoring of your hard drive makes you prepare for everything before the hard drive fails to take the backup of your data before its loss.

So these are all the hard drive failure reasons and prevention tips. So what are you waiting for? Just acquire the tips mentioned aboe and save your hard drive and data for a more extended period.

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    I never save important data on my boot drive. I always use a data drive, Online service or external drives to store my data.

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