Causes Of Data Loss While System Crash or Damaged in Linux File System

Updated October 6, 2023

Linux is a stable and reliable operating system, which is completely open source system software that lets you customize the code as per your requirements. There are numerous distributions of Linux operating system, which are designed to meet different requirements. The base code of all the distributions is almost same and work in similar way. However, in some situations, this stable operating system may crash and cause data loss. At this point, Linux data recovery solutions come for your rescue.

Linux operating system may get damaged due to various reasons, which include system crash because of improper system shutdown and kernel bugs. When your system reboots after unexpected system shutdown, fsck utility run automatically and checks the hard drive and file system for errors. The fsck tool works in most of the cases and fix file system errors.

In most of the cases file system integrity issues are caused when the file buffers aren’t written to hard drive because of crash. For instance, if system contains iNodes that are deleted but still marked as used, then file system errors may occur at system crash. Such minor problems can be fixed using fsck utility.

The problem becomes more serious if any hardware occurs at the time of system crash. Fsck utility may prove incapable of fixing the serious file system issues in such situations. The problem may also become serious if root file system is corrupt.

In such critical situations, you need to format the Linux hard drive and reinstall the operating system. This process installs a new operating system and file system on the hard drive, which is totally free from corruption and errors. However, the process also removes significant data from hard drive and requires Linux recovery to be resolved.

In order to perform data recovery Linux in such situations, you have to restore your significant data from the most recent backup. It is the most efficient way to retrieve lost data from the Linux hard drive. To ensure absolute recovery of your precious data, the backup must be updated and valid.

If none of the above methods work, you need to opt for Ext2 recovery software. These data recovery software are incorporated with simple user interface to offer easy recovery. The read-only tools preserve absolute integrity of your significant data.

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