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Updated October 6, 2023

Have you wondered about the term VoIP? VoIP: Voice over Internet protocol, a communications protocol that allows for telephonic communication via the Internet. (, a leading VoIP technology website that offers VoIP Service Provider comparison, VoIP reviews from real users, hands-on VoIP support and information along with latest innovations in VoIP technology and hardware on the market.

VoIP services and systems are easy to setup and everyone can take advantage of these providers for business VoIP or residential VoIP plans. You call the number you want to reach as you would a traditional landline, wait for tone, dial number and then talk like you normally would when other party picks up the call.

Choosing a VoIP service provider for your home or business can be frustrating and confusing. There are a countless array of options to choose from, at several price points; new competitors enter the field every week; on top of that, many providers’ web sites have potentially confusing technical terminology and an alphabet soup of options. That’s where comes in – is a user-friendly guide, explaining technical jargon and grading VoIP providers and equipment in an unbiased manner. educates and guides VoIP shoppers by narrowing down all the factors you have to consider like: costs, features, customer service, quality of calls, free trials, mobile and more. invites anyone who is interested in free VoIP tips and articles. Anyone interested in getting a price quote for VoIP can simply visit, a couple questions will be asked to help you find the best VoIP services provider for your telecommunication needs.

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