8 Best Tablet Alternatives To The Apple iPad

Updated October 6, 2023

Tablet computers are pin based devices with a small keypad. It is complete computer but small in size. iPad is also a tablet  computer which is developed by Apple. In April 2010 when it was released by Apple, iPod and Smart Phones usage has been decreased. The popularity of iPad is increasing and now a days every one is talking about iPad.

It run iPhone Operating System and use Multi-Touch interface for better and enhance features. It also has 3G and Wi-Fi for internet connectivity. There are so many features in iPad, but still there are some useful Tablet alternatives to the Apple iPad.

Tablet Alternative to the Apple iPod

1. Fusion Garage’s JooJoo

Fusion Garage's JooJooIt is popular because of its 12 inch screen and one of the best on board camera. It supports Intel NVIDA (Which gives you more processing power and great interface) and Flash that achieves 1080p video streaming. It provides amazing and awesome visual experience to the users.

2. Compal Tablet

compal tablet
The best thing about compal tablet is it has high quality speedy next generation Tegra 2 process with NVIDA. That is why it provides outstanding graphics and features. Play interesting games, watch live videos and much more on Compal Tablet.

3. Google and HTC Tablet

google and htc tablet
Googole is acquiring a lot of services available on internet. For example BompTop which is a 3D desktop software has been acquired by google. Similarly  Android which is a operating system for iPhone is also acquired by google. Now google has come up with a superb tablet called “Google and HTC Tablet”

4. Mod Book

mod book
Mod book is developed by Apple based on Newton. It is a very useful alternative for iPad. I love its design, and features. 120 GB Hard Drive, Optical Drive and Built in camera are the configuration of ModBook.

5. enTourage eDGe dualbook

enTourage eDGe dualbook
2 USB Ports, SD card Slot, User Replaceable Battery and more real touch screen functionality. The bad thing about enTourage eDGe is it has no 3G and storage device is less.It runs on Android and provides best graphics.

6. ICD Vega

ICD Vega
It is available in 7, 11 and 15 -inchs size. It is powered by NVIDA and having 512 Mb  Flash Memory and 512 Mb RAM. It has 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, andBlutooth, 1.3 Mega pixal Webcam, Micro SD Card Slot and USB 2.0 Port. The shape and design is perfect and outstanding.


It is designed in Germany and based on two popular technologies Android and Linux. It is so simple and provide most enhanced features. It is available in different shapes. One of the best Tablet alternative to the apple ipad.

8. Notion Ink Adam Andriod Tablet

Notion Ink Adam Android TabletThe screen size is 6.2 inches and weight is 1.35 lbs. Due core MP Core Processer, NVIDA, Full High Definition Multimedia, Duel Display, Complete Content Eco-System and improved Android UI, 3G and Wifi Support, Ebook Client and powerful Battery life.

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