Turn Your Tablet Into a Money Making Tool

Updated October 6, 2023

The current trend in personal computing seems to be turning toward computer tablets. There are many tablets to choose from each with its strengths and weaknesses, but what they all share in common is the ability to connect to the Internet. This proves key in your ability to turn your tablet into a money making tool. With that in place, there are several ways to use your tablet to make money.

Take Care of Business

take care of business

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Without searching for new means of business, let’s first consider how your tablet can be used and adjusted to become a business tool. Begin by purchasing an attachable keyboard. That will be fundamental in not just doing your office work from home on your tablet, but also in comfortably completing other money making opportunities online. You will also be able to type at a reasonable speed to keep up your business. Touch screen keyboards are impossible to do that with.

Consider the following either adjustments or requirements for your tablet so that you can use it in the most effective manner to conduct business and make money:

  • Purchase a tablet with a big screen. Stay away from the smaller pocket-sized tablets. They will be far too difficult to work with.
  • Purchase a tablet with either 3G/4G connections. Wi-Fi is fine, but not good enough if you are using your tablet as a portable device as it was intended. That means you will have to pay for a data-plan, but for business purposes, it will be necessary.
  • Purchase an application that will support editing of Microsoft Office Programs. Dataviz Documents to Go Application will cost as much as $17, but will allow you to edit Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents as well as store them on your tablet.
  • Store your files in the cloud. Even if you purchase a tablet with a lot of storage space, it’s still generally a limited amount. A service like Dropbox, which is free, will work with iPad, BlackBerry and Android. It allows you to store your files out on the Internet but makes them available to you at any time.
  • Purchase a Remote Access Application. There may come a time you will need something from your home computer. There are apps like LogMeIn Ignition, VNC Viewer for Android, and TeamViewer that will cost as much as $30, but will allow you to remotely control you PC/Mac and access files and programs you couldn’t otherwise access.
  • Purchase an external power pack. There is the Trent iCruiser which will connect via USB. There are also tablet sleeves that work as a case for your tablet but also contain internal batteries you can tap into as well.

Write a Blog… Then Monetize It

write a blog

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Any online money making opportunity will merge well using a tablet. Writing a blog is a good way to generate money using your tablet. Some may find a notebook more convenient because of the attached keyboards, but if you have already purchased an attachable keyboard, you can still enjoy the advantages of your tablet computer. In some cases, tablets can even serve as a helpful supplement devices to laptops or desktop environments.

Using Blogger or WordPress, you will have free access to space on the Internet to type about subjects you know or enjoy. Use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to drive people to your blog. Make money on your blog with:

  • Affilitate Programs (through Amazon, iTunes, Expedia)
  • Affiliate Marketing Networks (Commission Junction, Clickbank, Avangate)
  • Post ads (Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitka, VigLink)
  • Sell Your Own Products

Review Tablet Apps

review tablet apps

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This may be the most unique manner of earning money online using a tablet computer. There are sites that will recommend apps that you can download and try. They pay you for the cost of the app (if there is one) and they also pay you extra for a review. There are many Apple and Android sites that will tell you where to find these apps and download them. They will even give reviews as some aren’t as honest as others.

earn from tablet reviews

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There are many ways to make money online, all of which will work with your tablet computer. You might consider sweepstakes or lotto games. There are writing opportunities, programming and even app creator jobs, all of which are legitimate, pay and can be done online using your tablet.

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