Top 5 Home Security iPhone Apps

Updated October 6, 2023

You’ve got a security system in place to protect your home, but you may not realize you can gain even more control over it through your iPhone. As security companies race to provide mobile access to their customers, consumers are benefiting from a host of smart iPhone apps that can help you keep your home more secure.


Alarm iphone app

This is perhaps the most popular home security app that is available for the iPhone and with good reason. Not only can you access the live video feed from your system’s security cameras, but you can also check through past events. Need to know if the housekeeper left at a certain time or want to check on when the kids got home from school? It’s as easy as tapping your screen. We also like the ability to arm and disarm the system remotely and appreciated the ability to get status reports on door and window sensors. also makes this service available to businesses, and we like the fact that the app is completely free if you already have their service installed in your home.

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2# Foscam Surveillance Pro

Foscam Surveillance Pro

If you’ve already got a Foscam security system set up in your home, download this iPhone app to begin monitoring your video cameras immediately. We found the set-up simple and the ability to check in from time to time on your home’s cameras are incredibly useful. Parents with kids who get home from school before work ends will appreciate the ability to easily check in on their kids to see if they made it home safely.

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3# Napco MyiSee Video

MyiSee Video app for iphone

Napco has a similar app for their security system. Once you’ve got the app synced to your system, you can immediately begin watching the live video feed from your home. We found this app useful and easy to understand, making it ideal for entry-level users.

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4# Napco Gemini MyRemoteKeypad

Napco Gemini MyRemoteKeypad

Napco takes it a step further for users of their Gemini system. Not only can you use this company’s apps to watch a live video feed, you can also access and arm your system remotely. As we have forgotten to arm our system occasionally in the mad rush out the door in the morning, this app would definitely come in handy. If you are on vacation, you can still monitor your home’s system and arm/re-arm it as necessary, especially if you’ve got people coming over to check on your house.

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5# e-Home Controls

e-Home Controls

This app is designed to support the whole house automation system designed by e-Home. Not only can you monitor your security system from your iPhone, but you can also monitor your lights, power usage, thermostat controls and other features. While this system does cost more initially, it is ideal for those who are gone frequently and want to include monitoring along with other home automation features.

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If you don’t see your home security system providers app listed here, look through iTunes to see if they have created a home monitoring app yet. If they haven’t, get in touch with them and let them know your interest level. The more consumers ask for this feature, the quicker these apps will make it to market.

You want to keep your home safe, and now, thanks to these apps, you can enjoy a higher level of peace of mind and more control over your home’s security.

Author Bio:- Article donated by Robert Phillips from Safe Options a UK home security products distributor.

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  • Nice post man! This is all what home security needs. Anyways Napco is my favourite.

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