7 Reasons why you Should Use Rocket VPN

Updated October 6, 2023

For a person who wants to break away from the barriers that are imposed on his/her Online action geographically, turning to a VPN is the best possible route. A VPN not only shuns the barrier that stands between you and the website you want to surf, but it also makes you completely anonymous thereby making you look like to come from a different country altogether.

So, the question arises why you should use Rocket VPN? After all, there is a myriad of other VPN’s who claim to do the same work as Rocket VPN. They provide or claim to provide the same unprecedented access to all websites according to your taste. Also, most of them are free as well.

Rocket VPN is available for both iOS and Android. You can download from the respective links to test drive.

Download from Apple Store

Download from Google Play

Here  are 7 reasons why you should use Rocket VPN.

1:- It is fast, reliable, and protects your privacy

Guard Your Privacy Rocket VPNFor a person who has used other VPN services before, he could testify that they were extremely slow in action. From taking a lot of time to connect, to being bogged down by the streaming speed, other VPN’s are just a waste of time.

However, when it comes to Rocket VPN, it will connect to your system in breathtaking speed before taking you to your favorite digital content equally fast.

In addition to the aforementioned features, another characteristic of the Rocket VPN which is in-demand nowadays is its ability to keep you anonymous. That is to say, no matter from which country you are browsing, it will help you to view content which is geographically restricted. Moreover, it will make sure that your private data remains private on the worldwide web.

Thus, whether you want speedy access to your favorite content  need to view stuff that is geographically restricted or a reliable service, Rocket VPN is a must-have for your device.

2:- You could use Public or Hotel Wi-fi without any danger

Protect your IdentityAlthough most people aren’t aware of this fact, the WI-FI signals that are available for free in public locations or in hotel rooms are not for confidential browsing. It is extremely plausible that everything you browse on those gets recorded on a central server. The owners of the central server, by tracking down your IP Address, could track the location of your device.

However, thanks to Rocket VPN, all the data that you will send on the network will be encrypted. As a result, it becomes virtually impossible for anyone to track down your device.

Thus, if you are a person who likes to travel or incessantly enjoy the luxury of free Wi-Fi signals, using Rocket VPN will is a must have if you want to protect your privacy.

3:- Breakthrough restricted Network at Work

If you’ve used the Wi-Fi of your workplace or school, it is plausible that you have already come across an “Acceptable Use” Policy. As suggested by its name, this policy allows access to only those websites which are related to your work. As a result, once you are connected, you won’t be able to log into Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

However, as you might guess, Rocket VPN gets you out of this predicament with its world class service. After you have connected to the work network, log into the Rocket VPN. This service will not only break the barriers of your web surfing but will also make sure that your employer doesn’t know about the sites which you are surfing.

4:- Circumvent the censorship of your Country

Rocket VPN Android

Some nations i.e. China, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have imposed an Internet Censorship on their citizens. By virtue of this censorship, the residents of such countries aren’t allowed to visit specific sites.

If you’re living in any such country where your Online freedom is censored, you could circumvent the whole process just by using Rocket VPN service. Moreover, if you’re worried that your Online activity could get you in the eyes of your Government agencies, Rocket VPN makes you safe from the eavesdropping of your Government.

5:- Use Search Engines with no search history

“Thanks” to the policy which has been adopted by the likes of Google in the last few years, everything you search on Google goes down in its search history. Like it or not but you would have to manually delete all of these searches, one by one, to make sure that your online activity remains secured.

Thus, if you don’t want Google to make a check on your Online activity, you should get Rocket VPN service to make your online searches private.

6:- Check the workability of your SEO and Marketing Strategies

Rocket VPN Android Browser

For those of you who are SEO experts, here comes a brilliant usage of Rocket VPN. You could feign your location to test whether your marketing strategy is paying dividends or not. For example, if you’re living in the USA, by using Rocket VPN you could mock your location in any other part of the world. By doing so, you could check whether your marketing strategy is country specific or not.

7:- You could save on Airfare

When you are purchasing air tickets online using the websites of companies, they charge different fairs to persons living in different parts of the world. Also, if you’re visiting their site for the second time in short space of time, they are sure that you will buy the ticket due to which they inflate their price.

Thus, if you are using Rocket VPN, you could fool the Airfare websites to get the same air tickets on remarkably less price.

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