The 7 Most Important Parts of a Good Logo [Infographic]

Updated October 6, 2023

Knowing how to create a logo is like knowing how to build a house. Your house needs to have the proper parts to make it work—like a door so you can go inside, a roof to keep the weather out, and a foundation to make it stable. The same way, a logo needs certain parts to work.

The problem is, too many people spend too much time focusing on making a pretty logo rather than overarching design themes like being unique or consistent. That’s like hiring an interior decorator before you build walls for your house.

This free resource from Company Folders will teach you what’s really important in a logo design. They’ll show you how to create a logo that lasts for years to come, with cool examples from some of the world’s most famous brands. You can also visit the website to learn how this print and design firm can help with your logo.

Parts of Logo Design

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  • Ella Wilson


    Awesome infographic. I love it. Happy to read. Thanks for sharing, and waiting for your next tutorial.

    Thank You!
    Ella Wilson

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