5 Essential Elements that a Good Graphic Design Must Include

Updated October 6, 2023

Graphic design is an important aspect of making an online presence and sustaining in the competitive global marketplace. A good graphic design is able to communicate the brand’s message to the target audience in the most seamless manner. But what makes a good graphic design? In this section, we are discussing some of the key elements that make a good graphic design. Whether you are creating a graphic design in Auckland or any other place, these elements hold their prominence.

1. Line

A line is the most basic elements of graphic design. When it comes to designing, a line is used to connect two points. It is either used to generate a focal point or create space between different elements. The weight, direction, and character of the line communicate different emotions and evoke unique reactions.

2. Shape

When a line is enclosed in an area, it forms a shape. It is highlighted by boundaries and used to focus on a particular section of the page. You can create a design by combining different elements. Shapes can also be combined to create shapes or icons as well. This is an element that adds the factor of interest in your design. Different shaped symbolized different emotions. For instance, angular shapes exhibit masculinity, whereas curvy and velvety shapes reflect femininity.

3. Color

Color impact the mood of your design. Different color represents unique emotions and personalities. For instance, red is used to reflect the passion, strong will, love, and anger. Blue is a color that represents security, serenity, and peace. Color is also used to create unity of series and emphasize important information presented in visual elements. Colors can either be background or supporting elements of the overall graphic design. While using a single color is easy, including multiple colors requires a strong understanding of how it will impact the overall design.

4. Size and Scale

Size and scale are two elements that complement each other. They are also responsible for ensuring the right proportion, balance, and contract to the overall design. Size is associated with the dimensions of an element, whereas scale is related to the actual value and proportion. Scale, as well as proportion, is used to show the size of an object or to accentuate the size difference between two objects in a visual presentation.

5. Direction

It is an element of graphic design that stimulates mood and vibe. It establishes a sense of illusion that there is a movement. Visual direction indicates situations in which visitors are directed towards the content through vertical and horizontal lines. Horizontal lines signify peace and stability, whereas vertical lines create an environment of balance, formality, and alertness.

These are some of the many elements of good graphic design. When you are creating a design, you need to understand the impact of its element on viewers. Graphic design has a psychological element that you should understand. Creating a good design is about stimulating the right emotions among the viewers and seamlessly guiding towards the desired direction.

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