Why You Should Choose Logojoy To Design A Perfect Logo

Updated October 6, 2023

Logojoy Perfect Logo

Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, or an early-stage startup? Maybe you’re thinking about starting a blog, but no matter what, the first thing that should come to mind is designing your logo, blog and website.

Your Logo, even before  your website or blog, is the most crucial part because it sets up expectations.

If you hire a logo designer for this purpose, be ready to pay a through the nose to him or her to do the designing. Instead, why not use online tools to create your logo? But almost all of them fail to provide you with the uniqueness and design that you need. Luckily, Logojoy is different from all those antiquated logo-designing websites.

Let’s  have a look at what is Logojoy, and what they offer.

What is logojoy

Logojoy is an AI-powered online logo designing tool. Instead of having a designer make a logo to your specifications, Logojoy uses artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to generate numerous logo designs based entirely on your specifications.

The key to logo design is the presentation. And Logojoy looks awesome.

Why you need logojoy

Using AI instead of graphic designers, Logojoy is able to offer much a much lower price and generate dozens of logos and combinations in minutes.

The company’s target customers are small business owners, entrepreneurs, and early-stage startups. Basically, anyone who doesn’t have the budget to work one-on-one with a graphic designer to design their logos and branding material.

The importance of creating a brand identity is directly proportional to your brand logo.

Even if you’re launching a basic landing page or printing your first run of business cards, a well-designed logo puts a professional stamp on what you’re doing and lays the foundation for all your future branding efforts.

Logojoy provides simple, high-quality logos, at the lowest possible price.

Services a rating

It’s a free service which helps you by building unlimited logos, which is great because it means you can practice and browse through plenty of logo ideas without committing.

You only pay when you want to download the logo you have chosen, of which there are three different pricing plans.

You pay $20 for a basic version, but most people opt for the $65 premium package which includes all the files you’d get from a graphic designer.

You will get 40+ perfectly sized versions of your logo for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Etsy, and more.

To date, Logojoy has served over 1 million customers with a 98% in customer ratings.

How to use Logojoy

This is the fun part.

Logos are just combinations of some ingredients — fonts, colors, layouts, symbols, etc.

Logojoy uses machine learning, which adapts to which components go better together.

The concept to use Logojoy is pretty simple: You just type in the name of your company, then you pick some icons and your favourite colors, and then you hit “go.”

From this, you can select your perfect logo

It’s fun and engaging, especially when you can preview your logo in real-life environments.

Logojoy has a well-designed UI to take you through a few quick steps from start to finish. These are:

  1. Choose Inspiration – Choose a few general logo types you like the look and style. These form the base of the logos the AI will generate.
  2. Choose Color Scheme – Next, choose a set of colors to be used in your logo design.
  3. Company Name and Slogan – Add your company name and a slogan if you have one.
  4. Pick up to 3 Symbols – Based on keywords of your choice you can choose up to three different icons to be used on your logo from a library of over 500,000 unique designs.

Based on your choices you selected in the four steps above you will be presented with a few logo designs. By choosing the logos, you like the algorithm will continue to show more logos that meet your specifications until you find a logo to fit in your brand value.

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