7 Best Text Editors for Mac – 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

When it concerns efficiency or productivity, a competent text editing tool can serve as a game-changer. Someone who is a writer, an experienced programmer, or a pupil, they’re always looking for a text editor which fulfills their requirements.

Choosing the best text editor for Mac can be a difficult task, however we have compiled a complete list of 7 best text editors for mac. Review these text editor applications and select one that you believe best satisfies your requirements.

What is Text Editor?

A kind of programmer that modifies plain text is called a text editor. Text editors are quite useful for writing the codes accurately and correctly whilst reducing formatting issues.

That happens frequently, mainly when a novice programmer selects their first coding approach and discovers that the real code has issues, such as generating non-displayable formatting.

The most important features of best text editors include, practical, fundamental and helpful. No matter if you ‘re operating a Mac, Linux or a Windows Computer for the code, a text editor must be easy to use and have the functionality that you need.

How to Choose Best Text Editor?

Choose text editors based on your specific needs, first you need to know what feature or option you want to have in the application. TextEdit is the text editor that is already installed in the Mac. It can work well if you only have to scribble down a short passage of text.

But it lacks a lot of great features which can help you with a lot of things and can make your work easy if you wish to write some codes. Gratefully, we have a lot of options when it comes to best text editors for mac.

There are choices available to you if you’re just discovering the world of writing codes and these options can assist you in learning or identifying your errors. There are tools that can enhance your productivity if you are an experienced coder. Let’s have a look at the top 7 text editors for mac available today.

List of Best Text Editors for Mac

All the text editors mentioned below have a number of useful feature that can help you with your job and will make your life easy. Let’s quickly read through all of them.

1. VS Code

VS Code Mac Editor

Download VS Editor>>

VS Code, sometimes known as Visual Studio Code, is a renowned text editor for Macs. This totally free editing tool, created by Microsoft, has a developer-friendly interface that makes it simple for programmers to create and debug the codes.

The programmer community favors it because of its user-friendly interface, which enables them to operate programs effectively. The software’s functionality for a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, C++, Python and others, is among its most notable features.

Developers have access to a wide range of features in VS Code that enable speedy code testing in addition to code detection and troubleshooting. It should come as no surprise that this text editor is one of the best text editors for mac.

2. Atom

Atom Text Editor for Mac

Download Atom Mac Editor>>

For those who require a reputable text editor, be it a programmer, writers, or everyone else, Atom is a well-liked and incredibly customizable and second best text editor for Mac.

Atom, created by GitHub, a Microsoft-owned business, combines dependability and innovation. Atom is very programmer- friendly and simple to use thanks to its smooth and innovative interface.

Also, it has valuable features like an integrated file system browser and several panes that make working with different files or projects simple. The main feature of the software is the tree-view file navigator, that makes file handling simple.

But what makes this editor stand out are the features like autocomplete, debugging and linting. It also simplifies the process of testing, writing, and debugging codes.

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text Editor for Mac

Download Sublime Text Editor>>

Another popular or best Mac text editor for managing and coding text is Sublime Text. The app’s user-friendly system give programmers the options and speed they need to quickly modify, organize, or manage their textual files.

The most important feature of the tool is an effective memory management system which maintains the editor responsive even while dealing with big files.

This code editor for Mac has the ability to split the display such that programmers simultaneously debug, compare, and change several areas of code at the same time in along with handling large data files efficiently.

Also, you may add a wide variety of color palettes, themes, or plugins to what is already an outstanding text editor, enhancing its worth even further.

4. Brackets

Bracket Text Editor

Download Brackets Editor>>

A text editor with an emphasis on web development is Brackets that is developed by Adobe Corp. The application features a contemporary design and is lightweight which the software developers has taken the guarantee of.

They made sure that the interface of the software remained straightforward. The actual preview function of the software lets you evaluate and edit code in actual before you save it, which is one of its most remarkable features.

This function shows your code exactly how it would look in a web browser. The integrated  optimizer in brackets also helps to compress image files for quicker and more effective loading of web pages. For Mac computers, whether you’re an experienced web developer or just starting out, Brackets will be a great text editor for you.

5. Vim

Vim Mac Text Editor

Download Vim Mac Text Editor>>

It would be wrong to omit the proven editor Vim from the ranking of the 7 best text editors for Mac. Vim is one of the best text editors for mac, which has been a staple in the programming world for more than three decades. It is well known for its coding and network management skills.

Vim has a wide range of customization options, allowing programmers to adapt the program to their unique needs.

Vim’s support numerous buffers, which let users work on many files at once, making it a great option for managing complex tasks. Although having many features, the program’s interface is still straightforward and simple to use.

6. BBEdit

BBEdit Text Editor

Dowload BBEdit Editor>>

Another award-winning application for HTML and text editing is called BBEdit. Those who need to swiftly discover and change lines across several files will find the application to be of special interest.

Basically, the app is a versatile text editor suitable for writers, programmers, and anyone else who primarily work with text. BBEdit is a well-liked option among Mac users due to its broad find or replace capability, coding functions, productivity features, and a flexible interface.

7. Emacs

Emacs Text Editor

Download Emacs Mac Editor>>

The compilation of the best text editors for Mac includes Emac as a competitor. Because of the system’s powerful and customizable features, programmers and authors highly value it. The ease with which the program may be downloaded, installed, and used is one of the factors contributing to its popularity.

Without the assistance of a mouse, Emacs’ superb keyboard shortcuts enable quick and effective word editing and file browsing. Users of Emacs may run scripts or commands without exiting the editor thanks to the shell that is included.

Coders working on massive projects can take advantage of the text editor, syntax marking, auto-completion, or code folding features offered by this tool.


There are several text editors available for programmers, some of which are free and others which are not. The functionalities that are included with computer text editors might also differ substantially.

Consider the features you prefer your app to have when selecting the most ideal text editing tools for yourself, we have listed down the best app that you can make use of to make thing easier for yourself .

FAQs for Text Editors for Mac

1. Is an IDE more preferable compared to a text editor?

Your specific needs will determine whether an IDE or the text editor is suitable for you. An IDE serves the purpose of testing and evaluating code projects, whereas a text editor only serves as a tool for writing code. These two tools have quite different roles.

2. Which text editor does Mac include?

The text editor which comes standard with a Mac is called TextEdit. This app is a simple word processor which can create and edit plain text files or ones that has formatting and images.

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