Tips to Uninstall Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8

Updated October 6, 2023

Internet Explorer or IE as it is popularly known is one of the most popular or most used web browsers around the world. The latest version of Internet Explorer is the IE 10 or the Internet Explorer 10 that comes as a build in apps with Windows 8. Most of the earlier versions of Internet Explorers were also free apps that came with the certain versions of Windows.

But there can be some issues that may make you want to remove Internet Explorer 10 from your newly installed Windows 8 system. Since this is a Windows component, Internet Explorer 10 cannot be removed or deleted directly. You have to remove it or disable it from the Windows Component and Services. Mentioned below are some simple steps to do so.

Step #1

Open the Run Window. To do so, you can choose to press the windows button on the keyboard along with the “R” button. Make sure to press both the buttons or keys together, or the ‘R’ button is pressed after the button with the windows logo.

step 1 run

Step #2

In the text-box beside ” Open:” in the run windows, type “appwiz.cpl” and press “Enter”. The control panel will open, which is more like the add/remove programs window in older Windows version.


Step #3

On the left hand side of the panel, click on “Turn Windows feature on or off” option.


Step #4

On clicking the above option another window appears, for Windows Features. The window is to “Turn Windows features on or off”. In this box all features of windows are displayed. All you need to do is to select the check box to turn it “ON” and clear the check box to turn it “OFF”. From the list find the option of Internet Explorer 10, and uncheck the check box. Then hit “OK” button at the end of the window.


Step #5

When you hit the “OK” button on the previous window, and alert box is generated. The alert box warns about the fact that other Windows programs and features may be affected on removing Internet Explorer 10, and confirms about continuing the process.

Hit “Yes” in case you want to remove Internet Explorer 10 from your system. In case you choose not to remove Internet Explorer 10 from your system, you can simply hit “No” and return to the main theme.


Step #6

Once you have pressed “Yes” on the alert box, a new window appears on the display. This Window says that “Windows completed the requested changes”, and that “windows needs to reboot your PC to finish installing the requested changes.”

You can opt between “Restart now” button and “Don’t restart” button, depending on the urgency of applying of the settings. It is advised to restart the PC and let the settings apply before moving on the next task at hand.


Step #7

After the machine restarts Internet Explorer will be not be there in the display or the programs list. In case you want to reinstall Internet Explorer 10, you can just follow the same process, and this time just “Check” the unchecked box beside the Internet Explorer 10 option.



Thought there are many more web browsers that tend to be safe and powerful than Internet Explorer 10, still it is better to have it on the list. It is better to have a variety of web browsers and use them in rotation for better security and safety.

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