Refilling Empty Cartridges with Printer Ink

Updated October 6, 2023

If you have been buying brand-new ink cartridges every time your ink cartridge runs out of ink, then you have been wasting a lot of money. Brand-new ink cartridges are very expensive and you can save more money by refilling your empty ink cartridge instead of buying a new one. There are various ways to refill your empty ink cartridges with printer ink. You can do the refilling yourself or you can have a trained professional do it for you. Continue reading to learn more about refilling your empty ink cartridge and where you can do so.

Refilling Your Ink Cartridge Yourself

Refilling your empty ink cartridge yourself will save you the most money because an ink refill kit and printer ink is cheaper than a brand-new ink cartridge. Refilling your empty ink cartridge yourself will save you more money in the long run because you don’t have to pay someone else to refill your cartridge for you. A black color refill kit is priced at around $10.00, while a tri-color refill kit is priced at around$15.00. The prices of ink refill kits may vary per store. You can buy ink refill kits from most major office supply stores. Check the packaging of the ink refill kit for the make and model of your printer to see if the ink is compatible with your printer’s cartridges.

Refilling your Ink Cartridge at Printer Filling Stations

If you don’t want to refill your empty cartridges yourself, you can take them to a printer filling station and have the staff there refill the cartridges with printer ink for you. The fees of getting your cartridges refilled may vary per printer filling station, but the fees are usually around $10.00 for a black color cartridge refill and around $15.00 for a color cartridge refill. Some printer filling stations also clean up your ink cartridges for you and does a print test in order to make sure that everything is working perfectly. Some printer filling stations only carry printer ink from specific printer brands such as Xerox, Sharp, Primera, Okidata, Lexmark, HP, and Dell.

“While-You-Wait” Refill Services and Ink Refill Drops

Some major office supply stores also offer “while-you-wait” services and ink refill drops that allow you to leave your empty cartridge in the printer filling station, shop around the store, and pick up your refilled ink cartridge when you have done shopping. These services are usually not advertised, so you may have to ask a store’s customer service if they have them.

Replacing your Used Ink Cartridge through a Recycle Program

If you prefer to buy a new ink cartridge every time your existing ink cartridge runs out of ink, you can a store that has a cartridge recycle program. Basically, you give your empty ink cartridges to the store and they will give you a discount if you decide to buy a new ink cartridge for your printer. This method is more expensive than simply refilling your used ink cartridge, but if you really want to buy a new ink cartridge for your printer, then this method will allow you to save some money.

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  • David Carr

    Great Article. I’ve used both refill kits and costco store refilling. Both are a great option for quality prints

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