How to Recover from Over Optimization Penalty

Updated October 6, 2023

If your page ranking has fallen steeply in the immediate past, understand you have been in the habit of optimizing just for the sake of being in the first page. You may have paid little attention to giving your readers the right experience. Probably you have done one or the other (or all perhaps) of the following: stuffed your content excessively with keywords, bought links from low quality websites, you have too many back links from the same website or there is too many interlinks within a closed group of websites.

Recovering may not be impossible, and to do that you may have to simply revamp your entire website’s content. Do not try going through another around of search engine optimization exercises. Another Penguin like penalty is easy to foresee. Why not try to do some honest work and try to give your visitors some memorable experience? That way not even a hundred Penguin release can harm your website’s ranking. Here is something things that you can do to recover. It may be painful; nevertheless, you will have to. For most part they are about untangling the knot that you created in the first place.

  • If you had posted articles in directories with back links pointing to your site with little relevancy, you first need to go there and delete the articles straight away or try resurrecting them in a positive way. Your website will be better off without those links rather than keeping them and jeopardizing your website’s rank.
  • Go through your website’s content with a lens and check if the keywords you had used are really a necessity. If not, considering removing those that are not necessary and replace them with something that will add value to your readers experience. Search Engines are at all times under pressure to provide readers with the right content. Don’t forget that Search Engines indirectly depend on visitor satisfaction for their business models. Your website does little to help their bottom line finances.
  • Come up with unique contents on your web pages. Contents that merely trick plagiarism and duplicate checkers may win you some respite, but don’t expect them to give you long term relief. Let contents be what you are promising them to be. Sprinkling and stuffing your content with keyword is going to fool no one, including dumb creatures like search engine spiders.
  • Don’t be excessively dependent on Search Engines to bring more visitors to your site. Search Engines are full of holes in their algorithms, so expect them to behave weirdly as they always have been. That will ensure you don’t get involved in a rat race to the top. It will help de-stress you mind and concentrate on giving your readers a rich experience at your website.
  • Finally don’t get carried away by SEO agencies that will promise the sky for you, including a position on the first page. The recent optimization penalty is simply another opportunity for them to mint money. Simply follow your gut feeling. But make sure that you do everything from a reader’s point of view, not from the Search Engine’s. They can change colors anytime. Will you want to go through this agony another time? The only thing that Search Engines cannot challenge is honest work written with readers in mind.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Christy Haywood of, a site that offers savings and current information on about u verse, as well as services.


  • Very informative and helpful article Bilal, I have posted a lot of articles in directories and now i am going to check them again for relevancy! you have scared me man…
    Thank you for this information

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Sam@ After Penguin you need to be very careful. Post unique articles in quality directories and don’t use the same anchor text again and again. Anchor text should be varied to stay safe from Penguin.

  • Arjun Aswal

    Nice post written by you Mr. Christy Haywood. But is there is any way to check the pages effected by google penguin update. If yes then please tell me.

  • Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

    Great post Christy, Well going over board to remove links from your articles submitted on press release sites is gonna be weird, dont think its doable

    Every other points enlisted are so useful to get back on track after being affected by the Penguin update

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