Top Lawyer SEO Company Reveals How They Claimed #1 Expert Ranking In 7 Months

Updated October 6, 2023

SEO Strategies

‘Monopolists’, an organization of SEO experts that offers law firm related marketing services, has recently been recognized as the top-ranking experts in the field. They’ve discussed how they managed to come about reaching such an esteemed position and the tips that they offer for SEO improvement truly do set them apart.

One of the key factors discussed pertained to responsive site designs. Every law firm should implement such measures in order to get the most in SEO ranking. Organizing your content in accordance with certain parameters and having the architecture of your site in a certain placement can make all the difference in the world.

One common mistake made by law firms is the placement of pages. The more prominent a page is in a website’s navigation, the more authority signals are picked up by the search engine’s algorithms. Having your “areas of practice” page before the “about us” section is one of the tips that have been discussed by experts everywhere as this will help your site stand out more. Search engine queries would contain keywords that are related to specific services and areas of law rather than attorney profiles.

Studies have shown that users look for pages related to areas of practice and list of services before they go on to read the firm profile and attorney bios. Therefore, your goal should be to have clients find your services page first, so it’s important to give it higher billing. Your additional goal should be to improve the user experience on your website in the best way possible.

The easier you make for users to use your website, the more it improves your site’s rating. Google’s algorithms also constantly record a site’s engagement metrics and are able to detect the amount of time spent on your website. While Google itself has denied it as affecting SEO rating, most experts agree that it holds high importance as studies contain enough evidence to convince one that there is a relation between quality user experience and high SEO rankings. Also, if your site is easier to use, people will spend more time exploring it, meaning you’re generating more traffic to your site.

Another component of webpage optimization is keyword usage. If your site’s URLs have relevant keywords that are high volume but low competition, then your SEO rating goes up. After you’ve used Google Keyword Planner to carry out your research, incorporate the keywords into your URLs based on the subject of the page. However, be careful not to stuff your URL with unnecessary keyword usage. If you’re an anti-trust lawyer, you don’t need to have the keyword “anti-trust Lawyer” on the URL of each and every page of your site!

Unnecessarily using keywords, whether it’s in your URLs, your headers or the main content body of your pages is more harmful than having no keywords at all. Google’s algorithms are able to differentiate between quality content and content that has been stuffed with keywords solely to generate traction. You’re likely to get flagged and hurt your SEO rating in the process. So ensure that your keyword usage is organic and that your content is original. It also helps if you add visual media, thereby increasing the diversity of your content, which Google also likes.

It would also help if a part of your website was dedicated to publishing content on a periodic basis. The easiest way is to set up a section for blogs or articles that are published on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. The idea is to produce “fresh” content for readers to keep viewing and respond to thereby increasing your site’s engagement metrics.

You need to remember that content is king and Google detects such activity and considers it positive provided the content being produced has quality. We understand that attorneys usually don’t have much time to be able to dedicate to such a responsibility. One method of overcoming this is to outsource to professional writers or even law students who are looking to gain some kind of experience or professional credit while they’re studying.

Long-form content (posts with over 2000 words) holds the highest value, especially if the post deals with a variety of topics or provides different angles of a discussion. You should avoid duplicating content from one site on to yours even if you, or your firm, are the original authors of the work. Duplicate content is sometimes not indexed, meaning that all the content you’ve just posted is useless and just taking up space. You can also add links to your blog posts to websites that hold a respectable SEO rating. If your backlinks lead to unauthentic and harmful sites then you’ll be driving your own SEO rating down in the process.

Another method of increasing visibility of your website is to apply Local SEO principles. One way of doing this is to include keywords into your site’s framework that is relevant to your location (“attorney in New York” is one example). You can also link your site to Google My Business, which adds further authentication to your site especially if Google itself is verifying and authenticating your credentials. The process is pretty straightforward.

You can also consider linking your website to different social media platforms. Considering the number of users that these platforms have (Facebook has more than 2 billion registered users whereas Twitter and LinkedIn have 300 million and 260 million, respectively), it’s another way to increase visibility. Also, by linking with such high traffic, verified and authentic sites and platforms, your SEO ranking goes up.

The above should have you sorted and on your path to the number 1 ranking. However, it should be understood that SEO is a constant exercise. You need to monitor your stats and make tweaks from time to time as the trends on how pages are ranked changes as search engine algorithms are further developed. You can find out more about lawyer SEO by getting in touch with Monopolists.

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