Has Nokia Missed The Smartphone Revolution?

Updated October 6, 2023

If you think back to where you were ten years ago, or more importantly, which cell phone you were using, then there will be a significant percentage of people who will have used a Nokia.  Indeed, millions of people will have pleasant memories of whiling away the hours playing Snake on a screen of green and black, back in the day when two colours on a phone was still a very good deal.

However, since the advent of the very first Iphone at the start of the twenty-first century, the change in the cell phone industry has been very significant.  And Nokia is the giant which has seen its market share dwindle as other companies and handsets delivered better performance, battery life and user experience.

After years in the smartphone wilderness, Nokia is now trying to revive its fortunes with the introduction of two new models, the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710, which are aimed more towards the budget end of the market.  These new phones may prove to be very good handsets, but by choosing not to use Android, which has become the standard operating system for almost every cell phone that isn’t an Iphone, it does raise the question whether Nokia has already doomed its new models to failure.

When it comes to applications for use by cell phones, the Itunes range remains the top of the pile, but Android Marketplace also boasts tens of thousands of applications for the hundreds of handsets which utilize Android as its operating system.  So, in this instance, at least the Windows OS for mobile phones is one which can only boast a fraction of the number of applications available to the big two platforms, which is a challenge that even the might of Blackberry couldn’t overcome, as they have agreed their phones will have Android functionality.

With Android and Itunes boasting such a large percentage of the market already, it seems highly unlikely that a new entrant which does the same as other operating systems can really catch up so much ground.  There is no doubt that my Nokia 3210, with its interchangeable cases and endless games of Snake will have a very fond place in my memory, but for me at least, I’m afraid that Nokia has chosen the wrong horse in terms of the operating system installed, and that their phones will remain for me a pleasant memory.

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  • Free Download Buzz

    I don’t think so.. since Nokia has release the all new smartphone model of 700 as well as 600 and 500 which are purely based on Smartphone Concept.

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