5 Whiteboard Video Production Tips for Beginners

Updated October 6, 2023

Are you accustomed to whiteboard animation videos, or have you come across some while on the internet? Well, if not, this is one such instance where a story is narrated using specific art and drawings on a whiteboard. The artist tends to draw in front of the camera and records every nitty-gritty of the process then and there (or at least it seems like it).

So, now that you are aware of it, here is a guide of a detailed rundown where we will educate beginners on whiteboard video production without any hassle. However, above everything, it is an effective educational tool since it simplifies a tricky yet complex message and allows viewers to engage and get entertained. Such a method can also be used where you have to convey a boring message. Some of the great whiteboard videos have to follow specific rules, so keep reading!

1. Use the essence of storytelling.

Remember, nobody can avoid a well-narrated story. As humans, we live to read, discover, and learn from them. Speaking of which, as a whiteboard artist, you can utilize the power of attraction. Here you can try to tell a tale and use content and imageries to enhance storytelling. You need to be focused on the audience and their issues and not the product’s features. Catch their attention and try to develop empathy. As a beginner, you would want to be extravagant. So, do not forget this tip.

2. Add some personal details – colors.

Even though you would want to be a bit traditional and go black and white (since it is much easier if you are getting started), an effective way to convey what your mind entails is through innovation. Do not get CRAZY! Instead, be careful and add little hints of colors to accentuate essential parts of your message.

3. Use emotional references.

Whiteboard animated videos have the potential to deliver a detailed message visually and straightforwardly, and now you know it. But, the thing about such a method is that these details can be anything that you want them to be – light, funny, happy, nostalgic, emotional, and empathetic.

Utilize the audience’s emotions in your video’s favor. You can achieve this by supplementing the video with elements from the ‘good old days.’ Know that when you incorporate emotions, the audience can help generate identification for your production piece.

4. Make use of interconnected drawings.

Someone who is just getting started may often intermix several things at the same time when it comes to whiteboard video animation. One of the best things you can bring to your video is its direction. This keeps the audience drawn towards the story and makes them wonder what’s next.

Such videos simply imply an interconnected and continuous drawing and not individual ones. Of course, you would be cleaning the drawing several times, but try to keep it as low as possible since this could break the story and hinder the audience’s interest.

5. Try to make the video educational.

Stories, drawings, interesting subjects, and relatable characters – this needs to be a beginner’s recipe for success. Even though you may think it is good entertainment, know that when viewers are having fun, they’ll pick and learn anything deeper and faster.

Referring back to 2012, one of the studies conducted by Dr. Richard Wiseman showed a couple of videos. While he was narrating everything in one, the other had his whiteboard drawing with the exact recorded words he spoke in the first one. Post that; he requested the viewers to place their questions to test their memory. He found out that the animated video led to an increase of 15% in memory when the viewers recalled what was going on.

This is why a beginner needs to invest more in what they want to project in a video. Details, messages, and direction are some of the essential elements you need to be spot on about. Do you know what’s the take here – do not get distracted.

Wrapping Up

Remember, whiteboard videos are an excellent tool. In case you are getting started, and you know your audience well, ensure to incorporate all these tips and make the most of what you want to express.

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