Why Investing in a Quality VPN Will Improve Video Streaming

Updated October 6, 2023

Quality VPN for Video Streaming

More than 50% of internet users prefer watching videos and movies online than on television. Even if you’re not a complete movie fanatic, but like to stream documentaries, reality shows, or even live sports broadcasts, you have to consider purchasing a VPN.

When you invest in decent fast VPNs, you will experience much better video streaming quality and efficiency.


If you don’t know what a VPN is, let’s help you out. It stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s a software that can be downloaded from an app store onto most devices such as smartphones, ipads, and PCs, and laptops.

A Virtual Private Network allows you to browse the internet while giving you complete privacy. This means that a VPN will hide your IP address and all other private information that you don’t want websites to see. You are able to do banking, go onto social media, and stream countless hours of movies securely and under protection.

Basically, it stops service providers from tracking information and search history off of your online activities. Most importantly, it protects you against thieves and hackers who are trying to steal valuable information.

Internet traffic are rerouted through another tunnel which completely hides your location and your real IP address. By using a VPN, you are actually hiding your real location and tricking service providers into thinking you are active from other parts of the world.

There are hundreds of VPNs available online and most of them have a variety of locations to choose from.

Furthermore, one of good quality can ensure that your online activity stays hidden from the government, service providers, and hackers.

What has all of this got to do with video streaming? Well, owning a VPN allows you to access a variety of different movies and series from all over the world. Some countries block certain media for their citizens. When you are the owner of a VPN, you won’t have a problem accessing anything you like.

Even though these have been banned in numerous countries, there is still a way to find a loop hole without being discovered. Learn more about it here: https://hackernoon.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-bypassing-geo-restrictions-while-streaming-5d97d85f87b2


There are so many benefits that come with using a proper Virtual Privacy Network, here are only a few:

  • Makes online browsing completely incognito, by hiding history and online activity from Internet Service Providers, the government, and scammers
  • Keeps personal information safe while browsing through public Wi-Fi
  • Unblocks restricted websites and information
  • No Internet Service Provider throttling
  • Can increase streaming speed
  • Hides your IP address. Your IP address is a numerical code that identifies your online activity. When your IP address is hidden, advertisers won’t be able to send you adverts based on your search history.


There are so many reasons why a quality VPN is beneficial to your online streaming experience. Here follows a list:

Prevents ISP Throttling

What happens when you stream a movie through your IP address, is that your service provider monitors what you are watching. Countries without network neutrality laws allows service providers to deliberately slow down your connection.

This means that you can’t download or stream files that are large. It’s called ISP throttling (Internet Service Provider throttling) when you try to download big files, or play online games.

Click here for more information on ISP throttling.

Speeds Up Streaming and Torrenting

It can be extremely frustrating when you’re in the middle of downloading a Torrent and it freezes on 51%. This happens because of ISP throttling. As a matter of fact, when you use a Virtual Privacy Network your downloading speed will be fast and secure.

If you’ve invested in a high-speed internet line, then using a VPN will make sure that the same speed remains while streaming and downloading Torrents.

No Restrictions

There are many countries that ban certain kinds of films, TV series, and documentaries. Why? Only their governments will know. Countries like China are well-known for blocking social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and anything associated with Google. This has made it impossible for anyone inside the country to watch banned films and media without a proper VPN.

No matter if you live in a country that blocks certain sites you can access any data through a VPN. You will be able to bypass government enforced internet restrictions and see content from all over the world.

Access Other Countries’ Content

Sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon alter their content depending on the country that you’re in. If you live in India, chances are you’ll have thousands of Bollywood films and series to choose from. But when you want to binge watch season 1 – 15 of an American series, then you will find gaps in the content.

When you change your IP address location on your VPN, your internet adapts to its new country. This means that if you want to watch movies that are only placed on Germany’s Netflix channels, then you’ll be able to.

Investing in a quality Virtual Private Network will give you freedom to travel the world through virtual reality without any restrictions. Access thousands of films, series, docuseries, and documentaries from all over the world by only changing your location.

With the rise in online hacking and service provider throttling, the benefit of browsing anonymously with all your online activity being kept safe, is a gift in itself.

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