Facebook Video Specifications: Guide on the Facebook Video Uploading

Updated October 6, 2023

Social media networks are perfect not only for virtual communication. Social networking services are suitable for commercial purposes and brand identity too. Today all companies have accounts in social media that give them more networking opportunities. It is possible to get public recognition and attract potential clients to the project. Modern entrepreneurs pay much attention to social media networks. Such platforms as Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook are considered the most popular in global Internet usage.

Speaking about Facebook, this social media network brings many benefits to today’s business representatives. For example, Facebook-based marketing activities are almost always successful and budget-friendly. Business people can count on the impressive media outreach at affordable costs they spend on their marketing strategies and campaigns. Among efficient Facebook marketing tools are:

  • Bright presentation. A brief story about the personality (opinion leader, average user) or business (about the project, company’s staff, products, and services).
  • Personalized and branded Facebook account. Numerous variants to customize the Facebook profile, an opportunity to create a public group, and promo videos.
  • Content sharing options. Potential and standing consumers (followers) can watch and share photos, videos, other graphical and text content posted in the personal Facebook account.
  • Networking, communication, advertising. The audience can comment on publications, get feedback, find out more about the Facebook account (personal, corporate, blog) of its interest.

Facebook fans find their own advantages according to their purposes and requirements. One of the most helpful features that are available for all registered users is video uploading. Graphical content makes an account customized, detailed, and eye-catching. Facebook videos are used for advertising, for landscape & portrait visuals, 360 Facebook icons & interactivities, promo videos or reviews, carousels, etc.

Why Upload Videos on Facebook?

Imagery attracts public attention, but quality videos do it even more effectively. Uploading videos on Facebook makes a profile brighter and more stunning. This is a wonderful way to promote goods, services, or represent a personal blog, company, or another project. You should upload videos on Facebook because:

  • High-quality videos are about efficient, targeted advertising.
  • GIFs and videos bring increased media outreach.
  • This is a perfect way to offer any deals, announce any information, etc.
  • Videos are suitable content to depict great any conception and represent any idea visually.

Facebook Video Editing

It is worth noting that only high-quality Facebook videos can bring all the above-mentioned benefits. There is a list of video specs to take into account. If you would like your Facebook videos to get viewed, commented on, and liked, pay attention to the recommended specs.

Facebook Video Specs 2021: Detailed Guide

According to the Help Center, 30 video formats are allowed on Facebook. There are special-purpose formats for mobile and desktop uploads. According to the general recommendations, it is better to use the most common (suggested) formats – MP4 and MOV. If there is a need to convert the VOB, MXF, WTV into recommended MP4 or MOV, the best solution is to make use of a free online video converter.

Proper Facebook specifications are essential when it comes to video uploading. This is the best way to optimize posts in this social media network. It is worth mentioning that each type of video requires its specs. Read more about recommended Facebook video guidelines for shared post videos, 360 videos, and video ads.

Facebook Video Uploading Guide

The correct format is important if the user intends to capture the audience’s attention, public recognition, the activity of followers, and so on. Let’s take a closer look at each type of Facebook video and its optimal specs.

1 – Facebook Shared Post Video

One of the most wide-spread visuals on Facebook is shared posts. They all additionally can be divided into two groups – Landscape & Portrait. Shared posts bring organic reach to the commercial and personal profiles. Some video specs are the same, some specs differ. Here is a comparison chart:

Video dimensions1280 x 7201280 x 720
Minimum width120 pixels120 pixels
Aspect ratio16:99:16*
Mobile renders to the aspect ratio2:32:3
Maximum video file size4 GB4 GB
Maximum video length240 min240 min
Video maximum frames30 fps30 fps

*Note that the portrait aspect ratio can become 16:9 if this video includes the link. Other parameters stay unchangeable. This is the list of required specifications for the shared post video uploading procedure.

2 – 360 Videos

The ideal format for Facebook feeds. The user can view the 360-degree video with the help of cursor-scrolling. 360 Facebook videos are considered one of the most eye-catching interactivities for the audience. The main specs to take into consideration for 360-degree visuals:

  1. Max file is 10 GB, and max video length is 30 min.
  2. The suggested frame rate is 30 fps.
  3. The optimal resolution for monoscopic 360 videos is 5120 x 2560
  4. Recommended resolution for the stereoscopic format is 5120 x 5120
  5. Monoscopic 360 videos should obtain an aspect ratio of 2:1
  6. Aspect ratio 1:1 is optimal for stereoscopic 360-degree videos.

How to Edit and Upload Facebook Videos

3 – Facebook Video Ads

There are several types of videos when it comes to Facebook advertising content. In-feed posts, collection videos, and other sponsored publications have their own guidelines. The same specs for all ads formats are:

  • Max size – 4 GB
  • Video maximal frames – 30 fps
  • Primary text – 125 characters
  • Link description (optionally) – 30 characters.
  • Headline – 40 characters.

The difference between Facebook ads videos is presented below in the form of a comparison table.

SpecsIn-feed video postsCarousel videosCollection video posts (mobile)Slideshow video adsFacebook storiesInstant experience video posts
Resolution1080x10801080x10801080x10801200x7201080x1080720 pixels
Aspect ratioHorizontal 16:9
Square 1:1
Vertical 4:5 (or 2:3)
Full portrait 9:16
1:11:1Landscape 16:9
Vertical 4:50
Square 1:1
9:16 (average aspect ratio 1.91 to 9.16)9:16
Max video length240 min240 min120 min15 sec2 min2 min

As can be seen, there are different guidelines for Facebook ads video formats. These differences should be taken into account if the user would like to post high-quality video-content on Facebook. Note that this information is often updated. The up-to-date video uploading tips, hacks, and manuals are available in the Facebook Help Center.