Top 10 Medical Apps for the iPad

Updated October 6, 2023

The iPad has literally tens of thousands of great apps that are wonderful for the general population of users. However, there are also many wonderful apps for people who work specifically in the field of medicine. In fact, there are so many good ones that it is painfully difficult to cull them down to a top 10! However, we will do our best in the list below.

  1. PocketBody: This app has a complete model of a human being that you can view from four orientations and in nine different layers – from the skin down to the skeleton. It features a user interface that is very intuitive and has an amazing amount of material that you can learn. You can easily add notes as you learn the various parts of the body, too.
  2. VisibleBody: This is a 3D rendering app of the body that may in fact someday be used in medical schools rather than books. It has a very detailed and lovely 3D view of the entire body that also allows you to move around the model and to search for many parts of the body. There are detailed explanations in text that mean that you do not need to look up nearly as much information in other textbooks. There is not a lot of clinical data included, but this is a minor oversight.
  3. EssentialsofClinicalAnatomy:This is an anatomy textbook for the iPad that has an amazingly detailed amount of anatomy information, and also a lot of clinical information too. The real textbook has been moved over very successfully to the iPad. It has a lot of interesting media, high res images and quizzes. This book is made for students of medicine who need to learn clinical anatomy but it is also very useful to many healthcare professionals who are not doctors.
  4. BlausenHumanAtlas: This great app has stunning 3D figures of the anatomy, a huge glossary of medical terms and more than 1,000 images. It also has a huge library of videos that explain many common medical problems. This app does a very effective job of improving communication between doctors and their patients.
  5. VisualDxMobile: This app is a great tool of reference for dermatology diseases, and it also is a great support tool for doctors who need to deal with a variety of skin lesions and other conditions in their patients. It has a huge array of large pictures of various skin problems that make diagnosis much easier for the doctor.
  6. ProceduresConsult: This is a fine app series that gives you a great deal of detailed data on hundreds of medical procedures. There are procedures in the app series that are appropriate for internal medicine, family practice docs and also ob/gyn. There are great video tools and even come with a narrator.
  7. eFilm: This is an app that many doctors have dreamed about for many years. It gives you the ability to see radiology X-rays on your phone or iPad. This is quite an extraordinary ability for a doctor to have. You also can view MRIs on your portable device. The avenues that this opens for doctors are simply enormous. They no longer need to be tied down to offices and hospitals to do diagnoses.
  8. Papers: This is an award-winning application that lets you top read research papers in medicine. And you also can put all of your important medical literature into a form that is mobile. this app does a wonderful job of taking PDFs and making them viewable both on the iPad and the iPhone.
  9. EMRRecords: This app lets you manage your patient files, take notes, write your prescriptions and so on. And you never have to worry at all about handwriting issues and difficulties with legibility.
  10. Proloquo2Go: This is a wonderful app for doctors that lets you communicate with a person who cannot talk or hear. It features hundreds of small, simple illustrations that can be used to communicate things from ‘thank you’ to discussing complex medical problems.

As you can see, the iPad has some really useful apps that can make your medical career or education much more productive. The good news is that more apps are coming out all the time, so stay tuned to this page in the future for more great iPad medical apps.

Author Bio:- Eddy Ayala is a freelance writer for Medical Assistant Online, where he enjoys researching various jobs & careers as it relates to medical assisting professions. More recently he highlighted 11 most lucrative medical assisting career paths. He invites feedback on this and his other articles.


  • johan @ MobileForDoctors

    Thank you for this interesting article. Apple’s tablet is suited for doctors in terms of accessing electronic records, medical images and reference material but data security and privacy remains a concern

  • Rashmi Sinha @ TechInitio

    Interesting and unique article, with unique applications for ipad. Education on our body can prove useful anytime and having always with you can sometime make a very big difference if someone is in danger!
    Thank you for introducing these applications!

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