GogoPDF Guide: 6 Go-To PDF Converter Tools To Use For Free!

Updated October 6, 2023

A document has been an essential part of every individual’s lives as it’s generally used to compose letters, articles, researches, projects, and many more. And one popular file format is the Portable Document Format or commonly known as PDF. PDF creates multiple features that are usually appropriate for any file format, making it favorable to users.

Some many available services and tools allow individuals to convert raw documents into a portable form. But in most instances, they are expensive, and not all are compatible with other devices. Luckily, GogoPDF helps ease the dilemma of not having a reliable online converter free of charge.

How To Convert With GogoPDF

GogoPDF is an online converter that can transform any raw document into various types of file format. Using this website can convert PDF to Word, Excel, HTML, PPT, and PDF to JPG online for free. Furthermore, it provides services like Splitting, Merging, Compressing, Repairing, and many more that other converters can’t perform. Here are six tools to use in Gogopdf.

  • PDF To JPG

It’s crucial to know what particular to use and what happens when converting certain documents. For instance, if a user wants to modify the text within a document, consider not to extract the original form after the conversion to JPG and save it in a PDF format. Using GogoPDF, it can make everything not complicated.

Here’s how to convert a PDF to JPG format. Go to the GogoPDF website and search for the PDF to JPG tool. Then, upload the desired device to transform into the designated toolbox. The converter will immediately start scanning and analyzing the file and click “convert.” After that, while for a while to finish the process before downloading the converted file.

  • PDF to PNG

If an individual is working on a design and needs the PDF file in a photo, trademark, or visual and is in a rush because of other multiple projects waiting in line to finish, GogoPDF can solve that problem in a few clicks. It can transform into high-quality and resolution PNG files seamlessly.

The first is to select the file to convert from the computer or device into the converter toolbox. Then, GogoPDF will instantly start scanning and extracting the file while waiting for the conversion to complete. And lastly, the converted PNG file is now ready to download and save into the device.

  • PDF to PPT

Turn that boring document into a lively Powerpoint presentation while being creative and informative at the same time. Users can add texts, images, shapes, and many more into each Powerpoint slide with GogoPDF’s PDF to PPT tool. The procedure to transform is simple and easy.

The first step will be to choose the selected file to convert into the toolbox. Users can upload it from the device or through a cloud system service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. After uploading, the file will start converting from a PDF to a Powerpoint presentation. And lastly, the PPT file is now ready to be saved or downloaded.

  • PDF to Excel

The PDF to Excel tool converts any PDF files into editable Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. Excel documents are often used to keep records, financial statements, projects, student grades, and the likes, organized and detailed as possible. And with the help of GogoPDF, it can make simple documents appear professionally.

Choose the PDF file to convert into the converter box. Users also have an option to drag and drop for a much simpler method. The converter will start scanning and extracting the file, Then wait for the conversion to finish, and download and save the converted document into the device or computer.

  • PDF to PDF/A

GogoPDF also offers a faster and easier wait to convert PDF files into a PDF/A format. PDF/A format promises that a file can be recreated the same, no matter what platform or software is used. Upload the PDF file or drag and drop. And GogoPDF will start the process. Once done, the newly converted file is ready to download.

  • PDF to Word

Microsoft Word documents are also one of the most used file format types, and GogoPDF can be a handy tool for converting a PDF to a Word document. As per usual, upload the selected file into PDF to Word toolbox. Then, it will instantly start scanning and converting the file. And Wait for a while before saving the newly converted document.


With hundreds of available converters online, GogoPDF remains to be the most reliable, straightforward, and easy-access tool to use. It’s the ultimate go-to online converter for everyone. Not only it has excellent service and features, but it has a top-quality security system for everyone’s safety and certainty.