Top 6 Best Free Sites to Edit Your PDF File

Updated October 6, 2023

In this age centered on the internet and technology, you’re sure to come across loads of PDF files. Whether you’re a student or employee, gone are the days when most reading materials and documents were manually handwritten or printed. Everything has gone digital and paperless nowadays. And it’s also for the good! Paperless or digital documents are much more convenient compared to printed ones, after all. You can access them easily and send them easily in real-time. The only problem you may encounter is when you don’t have the right tools to help you make your way around these documents.

Well, you won’t have to worry, because, in this article, we’re giving you either of the best tools to edit PDF free online.

But first, why PDFs?

Before we dive into the best free online tools, you should first know why PDF files are the most prominent format for digital or paperless files. Of all the other file types around, PDFs are the most used and most preferred. And for the right reason! First, PDF files are convenient and versatile. You can access them on any electronic device, may it be your smartphone, computer, or tablet. This file type doesn’t need special apps or software to access, so opening them on your device is easy and direct. Next, this format doesn’t change its overall look or formatting. While most other raw files change their format when received or sent, this is not the case with PDFs. So, this makes it easy for you and your recipient. You’ll also get to save more disk space in the long run with this file type because compared to other raw office files (like PowerPoint, Word, or Excel,) it has a smaller file size. The only “con” to this file type is that it’s not editable. But nonetheless, this is also a “pro” since you can be sure your file won’t be tampered with. However, in some cases, you may need to edit it, and that’s why we’ve hand-picked these tools to help you out.

Choose from any of these free PDF editor sites


The first one on our list is GogoPDF. This awesome online tool has a clean and easy-to-navigate user interface which saves you a lot of time when looking for functions to edit your PDF. You can also convert different office documents to PDF in a jiff!


PDFBear is one of the best online tools for all your PDF needs. It’s absolutely free to use and you’ll find all the functions you need laid-out nicely on their website. Access is easy with this nifty tool because you can use any electronic device (as long as you’re connected to the internet) to use it.


PDFelement is a popular online tool that has many functions to make the most out of your PDF files. The difference between this and the first two we mentioned before is that you have to download their app first before using it. Nonetheless, it has a lot of great features for you!

Sejda PDF Editor

Another easy-to-use online tool is the Sejda PDF Editor. Your files are kept safe here because all uploaded files to their website will be deleted from their server after two hours. You can do three tasks per hour which aren’t too bad!

PDF Buddy

If you’re not a heavy PDF editor, the PDF Buddy is just right for you. You can edit three files per month, which is actually okay when you seldomly come across PDF files that need editing.


PDFescape has a few essential tools which are great for some PDF editing needs. However, this may not be your weapon of choice if you need to convert raw documents to PDFs. Nonetheless, it’s a great online tool that you can use to edit up to a hundred pages of PDFs.

Try them out!

So, those are our top picks for the best free sites to edit your PDF. Try them out your PDF editing needs. These websites are hand-picked and are the easiest to use. At the end of the day, it all boils down to preference. But we highly recommend GogoPDF and PDFBear the most because you can also do so much more than just PDF editing. These two websites have everything you need for your digital documents!