Virtual Private Server for Anonymous Surfing

Updated October 6, 2023

Virtual Private Server is something you might want to consider if you ever get the need to browse the internet anonymously. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a powerful virtual machine that is set up for your needs, by a VPS hosting provider. A virtual private server usually has higher bandwidth and hard disk space than a shared server, and usually costs less than a dedicated server. This means that you can purchase a VPS hosting solution for an affordable price and route your traffic through it.

A remote desktop client will be needed to use a remote server (a VPS) for anonymous browsing. For Windows VPS hosting options, there is a built-in Windows VPS client available, named Remote Desktop Connection. In Windows 7, to connect to a VPS, which has been set up for remote desktop connections, you just need to go to the start menu, mouse to accessories, expand it, and find “Remote Desktop Connection” and click on it. You will then need to type in the IP or URL of your VPS in a new window that will open for you. Enter it, for instance, or, and then click on connect. A RDP connection and a new window with the appearance of a desktop will then be opened. You can then browse as you usually browse on your own machine.


A windows VPS is a good way to bypass school or company firewalls. Normally, schools and companies tend to install really strict firewalls in their networks to prevent the users from damaging their computers. By going through another computer, or a VPS, not only can you bypass these firewalls, but also your browsing is isolated on that VPS, which means that the computer you’re using is totally safe.

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