Video Chats for Work and Entertainment: Comparison and Reviews

Updated October 6, 2023

The majority of modern people are used to seeing all kinds of webcam chats as entertainment. In a way, it was affected by the so-called chat roulettes – the websites that connect users with random interlocutors for dating and communication. In fact, there are many more possibilities for using video chats. It all depends on what service you use. Therefore, in this article, we will consider several popular platforms for communication, both for work or study and for the purpose of entertainment.

Video chat for work and studies

Video Chats for Work

Video communication services have been in demand for many years now. But they gained particular popularity in early 2020, when, due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people switched to remote work. Video services have become the optimal communication tool for them. Among the most popular ones are the following:

  1.  Skype. This is a real mastodon among video chats, which allows you to communicate face-to-face as well as to hold large audio and video conferences with up to 50 participants. In addition, Skype application allows you to call and send messages to regular mobile numbers. But this option is paid. Among the useful functions, we can mention screen sharing, simultaneous translation of text and audio during communication, and call recording. Also, Skype works on a wide variety of devices: computers, tablets, smartphones, Xbox consoles, and even Alexa smart speakers.
  2.  Zoom. This is a popular corporate service for video and audio calls, as well as group conferences. The latter can be attended by up to 100 people. Zoom was named the best online meeting software by The Wirecutter, owned by The New York Times. It should be noted that the free version has a limitation when conducting videoconferences – their duration cannot exceed 40 minutes. But for $15 a month, this restriction is removed.
  3.  Discord. Initially, this service was created for gamers and allowed them to communicate as a team. But thanks to its ease of use, high-quality communication, and video, and flexible video conferencing settings, Discord quickly expanded beyond the gaming industry to become a popular video chat for school and business.

All these and other video chats are suitable for online training, communication with colleagues and business partners, interviews, large conferences, and, of course, video dates.

But what if you’re looking for web chats just for fun and meeting new people? In this case, your choice is anonymous webcam chats. And there are really many options!

Reviews of the best video chats

Chat roulette is a service that connects you with a completely random user. Here you can get acquainted, communicate on a variety of topics, and in the long run even meet in person. The main thing is to choose a suitable website based on your own goals and preferences. In order not to miscalculate, we recommend that you first read reviews of different video chats. In the meantime, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular video chats.

  1.  Omegle. When this website was launched in 2009, it was completely new. Nothing like this existed before. Anyone could meet interesting people from all over the world literally in one click. Moreover, the service offered separate chats for university students, an unmoderated section, and even a filter of users by interests. Since then, the popularity of Omegle has noticeably dropped, but the website is still one of the leaders among random video chats.
  2.  CooMeet. This resource can be called an improved and modified version of Omegle. An important disadvantage of the latter one was the lack of a filter by gender of the interlocutor. You could not tell the system who you want to communicate with – men or women. CooMeet allows you to do this. You simply indicate that you want to meet only girls, and the website connects you only with them. It is very convenient. Also, there is good moderation, which is not typical for many analogs. We recommend reading real reviews of CooMeet users on page
  3.  Chatrandom. If we talk about the most actively developing video chats with strangers, Chatrandom will definitely be in the TOP. Initially, the website was not much different from its analogs, but gradually it began to rapidly increase its functionality. So, in 2013, it became possible to indicate the gender and country of residence of the interlocutor. And this made Chatrandom a great platform for finding new friends and even a soulmate. There are also chat rooms of interest – from movie discussions to flirting rooms.
  4.  Bazoocam. For a long time, the popularity of the website was limited to France. But gradually more and more people appreciated the convenience of the service, thanks to which Bazoocam is now in the TOP-10 of the most popular chat roulettes. There are not so many additional functions here, but the developers have made a special emphasis on moderation. For violation of the user’s rules, they are promptly banned for at least 20 days. Therefore, there are practically no fakes, advertising broadcasts and inadequate users here. And if they do appear, they are quickly blocked.

What is the best web chat among the listed ones? The best one cannot be determined. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. In addition, personal impressions of this or that resource largely depend on your goals. Some people love the unobtrusive, no-obligation communication on the Omegle website. Others prefer CooMeet, wanting to chat with pretty girls and even meet them in person. Therefore, try different webchats, experiment with formats, meet and chat with the most interesting people. And of course, don’t forget about video chats for study and work. Now they are becoming simply irreplaceable for millions of people around the world. Have pleasant and productive communication!

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