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Updated October 6, 2023

All About DrakeMall

Ever came across the website DrakeMall.info, and confused about what it is? If yes, you are at the right place!

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about this website. From its general description, to the features that make it stand out; the website DrakeMall.info is a place where you can truly unravel a lot about DrakeMall mystery box site!

However, before getting to the part of breaking down the Drakemall.info to you, it is essential that you understand what DrakeMall is first.

Shortly about DrakeMall.com?

DrakeMall is basically a mystery box site launched recently in 2017. It works on the CS GO open case phenomenon, and hence, has an element of gamble in it. Using this service you can purchase a plethora of items. These items include a wide array of things: from electronic gadgets to the regular trendy stuff, it has it all for you! But does not this sound like a typical normal online store? What is the thing that makes this project so unique? Well, the thing that makes it unique and stand out of the crowd is it special case opening.

DrakeMall Info Review

So what is this feature? The special case opening is also known as the mystery box opening. These mystery boxes basically are a set of items that are categorized under a plethora of themes. This means that one can choose any mystery box under any theme one likes.  Every item contained in these boxes bears a special, and a unique number. Once a lootbox is chosen, the system randomly picks up an item number and gives out it to you. And that thing is your prize! Amazing, no?

Using this feature one can get hands on valuable items at a very low price (starting from 1 dollar!). And the best part about this feature is that to avail this opportunity you do not have to fulfil hectic prerequisites.  All you need to do is register by depositing the required money, and fill out the delivery form. You can also pay via the DrakeMall Gift cards. With that being said, you might be thinking if this is safe to use or not, right? Fortunately, the service does not save your credit information. Hence, it is safe.

Additionally, the project also offers you a spin test. This spin test enables one to see the things one can possibly win, and if the item you win fails to impress you can convert it back into tokens of the same value. Sounds interesting, no?

You can also purchase items at their market value.

Now that we are completely done with the prerequisite for understanding DrakeMall.info, below is all you need to know about the website!

DrakeMall.info website – what is it?

To be as brief as one can be, DrakeMall.info is a website that represents DrakeMall. It covers general description i.e. what is DrakeMall, truth behind it and such as everything mentioned above. However, is that the only thing about this website? Definitely, not! There is in fact a lot more about it.

Other than the general description, the website features technical information about the project in a very brief yet detailed manner. It is in fact a database developed for customers that enlists all the information any customer could potentially reach out for. For instance, information about the project’s legality. The website clearly tells about why the project despite being a gamble is legal; evidence is also available to attest this claim that DrakeMall is a legit project. Other technical information includes the working mechanism, and mentions the attractive features such as the mystery boxes. It also tells you how it is not only unique but safe as well as no credit card information is stored when using this service. The products delivered are also original, and are directed to your doorstep within the prescribed time.

Truth about DrakeMall

Additionally, the Drakemall reviews and opinions of the customers of this project have regarding it are also available on this platform. By the way, you also can find DrakeMall reviews on Facebook page. This is to attract a larger audience by convincing them to use the project. Simple and useful information is also covered, such as the ways to use this project and how to register for the mystery boxes.

The website surely breaks down everything pretty well to comprehend. Currently, there are no such sites like DrakeMall that offer a service of this level.

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