Unique Tips to Improve Your Instagram Game

Updated October 6, 2023

Improve Your Instagram Game

It does not look like Instagram is going to be losing popularity any time soon. The platform continues to get thousands of new users every day, and such numbers attract a lot of business who would like to have a go at Instagram marketing.

Even the likes of Printify has recently published a guide on how to make money on Instagram, which further solidifies the point of its exponential growth.

Of course, finding all the information in one place is simply impossible, and reading multiple sources is always a good way to increase your knowledge.

There are certain tips that do not get a lot of attention or are not there in the first place. This article will provide you with some unique methods to boost your profile.

The Importance of Interaction

Engagement is the driving force of Instagram’s algorithm. You need to get as many comments and likes on your post within an hour of its publication. That way, the algorithm recognizes that the post has value, and will push it to the top of the feed.

Instagram pros know all of this and they like to draw attention to their post. How? It is pretty simple. 15 minutes or so before and after posting, they find other accounts with the same hashtags and like all of their content. This gets their attention, and these other accounts tend to reciprocate. Such natural likes go a long way to improve overall engagement.

Create Extra Accounts for Engagement

Some call it cheating, but whether you like it or not, having multiple accounts is not something unusual.

Instagram allows to have up to 5 accounts for a single device, and not taking advantage of that seems like a complete waste.

Once your post is active, switch to every account that you have and start liking and leaving a comment.

You could also take things to another level by using proxies and VPN and create a multiple-account empire. Of course, the reality is that these likes and comments are fake, but it does help to put your content at the top and increasing visibility of your page.

Line Breaks

A post with line breaks looks more natural. However, even the most famous brands have problems with figuring this one out, mostly because the Instagram app is not built in a way to make such a thing happen naturally.

It is not that difficult to work around the problem. Open the Notes app on your smartphone, type [ ] brackets and put a lot of space between them. After you write the caption and want to break lines, copy that space between the brackets and paste it.

This neat trick will separate you from the majority of content creators and give you an upper hand.


Similar to hashtags, tagging can go a long way for growth and exposure. However, there is one but. If you tag too many people in a single post, it will look too spammy. People will think that you are too desperate.

One way to fix the problem is by dragging all the usernames in the same corner, on top of each other. It will look natural, and you will still get all the benefits of tagging.

Keywords in Bio

New accounts will have little to no chance of appearing in the news feed if their engagement rate is not high enough. New followers will not find you.

Nevertheless, if you were to include a keyword or two in your profile, finding you will not be that difficult. For instance, if you run yoga classes, make sure to have “yoga trainer” or “yoga” in your bio.

Instagram Stories

Despite the fact that the stories are up for just 24 hours, you can still take a big advantage of them. Instagram stories have become one of the most-used features.

Your followers will be eager to check stories to not miss out. And if you were to post exclusive stuff like behind-the-scenes footage or small teasers of your future products, you can definitely expect to see more engagement.

Contests and Special Offers

Running contests and offering discount codes is one of the easiest methods to increase your reach. Everyone will be eager to jump in if a prize is involved. Liking and leaving a comment is simple, and these two should be the conditions for entry. The love for the free stuff cannot be denied, even if it is not something that they really need.

In a word, mastering Instagram marketing takes time, especially when you need to adjust to new changes. However, if you continue to spend your time learning and following these tips, everything will turn out fine and you will be able to grow your account to a point where making money is easy.

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