5 Tips for Using Pintrest

Updated October 6, 2023

With Pintrest’s recent explosion in popularity, more and more businesses are turning to Pintrest marketing to round out their marketing efforts. Pintrest set records in the website business by being the fastest single website to reach over ten million unique hits a month. It’s been shown that Pintrest is more effective at bringing in traffic than YouTube, Google+, and many other popular Web 2.0 sites.

However, a lot of businesses simply don’t know how to use Pintrest to the fullest, and because of this, they are losing a lot of potential traffic. In order to better educate yourself on how to use Pintrest for your business, read these five Pintrest tips.

1# Pintrest marketing relies on images

If you check out Pintrest’s popular section, you will quickly come to realize that only unique images and photographs are high ranking. The reason for this is because in a world of recycled content, originals stand out. Because of this, you should pay great attention to the most popular types of pictures. If you have a distinct, interesting, or informative image relating to your business, posting it on Pintrest is a great way to generate buzz.

2# Consider the benefits of pinning relevant content

Unlike a website like Facebook, Pintrest isn’t just an outlet for your individual business’s creative and informative side. In fact, it’s one big giant social web. In order to get the most out of Pintrest, it’s recommended that you, or whoever manages your company’s Pintrest account, take great care and pin other people’s content that relates to your own. This not only adds more to your Pintrest profile, but it shows that your company is a part of the community.

3# Make catalogs

If your company sells a product or service, you should consider the merit of incorporating a catalog of those products on your Pintrest profile. Lots of companies have complete catalogs listed that allow Pintrest users interested in their company’s products to quickly and easily browse said products. This increases sales by making it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. You can even add a price to these catalog entries by adding a dollar sign before a price in the description of the product.

4# Motivate your fans to get involved

If you have a few fans who take great interest in your company, you have the option of allowing them to contribute directly to one of your pinboards. This allows you to let those fans that like your company or products to help out with the cause of spreading the word and generating buzz, and you’d be surprised how many people are willing to do just this to help out something they like!

5# Offer your fans something

Perhaps the best way to spread word of mouth and increase your customer base is to offer those who follow your company special offers. As you pin these offers, your fans will aid with your Pintrest marketing by repinning them, and you will experience a tangible surge in sales.

Author Bio:- Mary Rogers has been associated with Robotforce a Website Design Company since its inception. She is an experienced Web designer and an avid Blogger. Mary has been able to deliver affordable web design services to her clients and has now decided to share her rich experience and knowledge via Robotforce.com


  • Sandip Bhagat

    Thanks for listing benifit of using pintrest.I have been using it but still i have not got any traffic from it. is there something that i don’t know about it ?

  • Have to agree that you cant just start throwing up images and expect to be successful on Pintrest. Your images have to be unique and target the interest of the viewer you are targeting. Thanks you for the article.

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