Knowing Instagram Algorithm

Updated October 6, 2023

We know that the new algorithm is quite dynamic and does not leave the users alone. But for the success of the brands, it is really very important to work with the new algorithm.

Instagram Rules Every Business Must Know

How does it Work?

Though it is not easy to understand the intricacies of the Instagram algorithm, there are various parameters which determine the performance of the post and what would be the engagement rate.

Factors Influencing Instagram Algorithm

Whenever your posts get a high number of engagements in the form of likes, comments or shares, the algorithm determines it to be of high quality and displays it in the top of the feed of the users. You are also able to view the posts with a high engagement rate. But it not just number sensitive but also how quickly a post receives the engagement. This is the reason to post at the time most of the user is online or active.

The Instagram algorithm also looks at the time spent by the user on the post. It is a key factor in boosting the post. Creating great captions are important as people will spend some time reading the caption.

The algorithm is quite smart and if you are interacting with a particular account on a daily basis, then you are indicating that it is your favourite account. As a result, the algorithm will display more posts and content from that particular account.  Same is the case with your account. If somebody likes your content, then they would be pushed with your content. You can get more followers on Instagram for better engagement and learn how to buy Instagram followers.

The algorithm is more likely to show you posts from yesterday or today and not weeks ago posts. It all depends on the time when the post was published. It depends on how often you open the app. If you open the app once in a week, then you are more likely to engage with posts from a few days ago.

A major factor for the post pushing is the type of content and the liking of the followers and users. Content that you see in your feed is more of a result of the engagement of yours with a particular genre.

The Instagram algorithm is smart enough to bring you the results from the accounts that you have searched for. According to it, you like content from that particular account.

Though there is no count for the number of times a post has been shared over Direct Message still Instagram algorithm is keeping a track of it.The algorithm counts this sharing as a form of engagement. So if you are sharing the post, then it means you are interested in the content and Instagram algorithm takes it as the standard.

Earlier, the Instagram feed was chronological and brands did not have to worry about maximizing the engagement. Today, if you want to succeed in this competitive world, then you need to optimize the content as per the Instagram algorithm.

Businesses are under pressure to build engaging and compelling posts and videos for higher engagement and better results on Instagram.

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