5 Ways to Choose The Right Social Media Marketing Agency

Updated October 6, 2023

Nowadays Social media platforms have become such a huge potential for any brand, and you can find almost every brand that is trying to unleash its full potential. But it can be overwhelming as you know that you’ll have to do it all right to grow your business on social media. And that’s where social media agencies come to their rescue, 28% of brands use social media marketing agencies in order to have a wider reach on social media by buying instagram likes and followers for increasing brand awareness.

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Sadly in this social media marketing industry, you can find thousands of agencies on google but most of them are quick scams. It can be challenging to find a genuine social media agency that will help you grow your business. Hence, we have listed 5 ways through which you can find the right social media agency. So let’s get started, we hope you find this useful. 

1. Determine your objectives and see what you want from a social media marketing agency

The very first and the most obvious step of choosing the right social media marketing agency is determining your brand’s objective. Until you don’t know what you expect from a social media agency you can’t communicate the same to them, hence list down your brand’s objectives.

Those goals can be anything whether you want to increase brand awareness, create a community, generate sales, improve customer service, or anything else, these goals are known as KPIs (key performance indicators). And not being able to communicate these to the agency in the early stage might result in something that your brand didn’t need. Listing them down will also help you with allocating your budget and resources efficiently. Knowing your brand’s priority will help you achieve those results and grow your business on social media.

The next question will be about your budget, it’s important to give spend brackets after considering your priorities. The right social media agency will provide customized campaigns according to your budget as they work with clients of all sizes and requirements. 

2. Do your research

Once you are done with determining your social media goals, the next crucial step is your research as it will help you filter down the agency whose specialty matches your needs. Research and compare different social media agencies, the right social media agency will have online quality resources at other places too, aside from a company’s website.

Hence read blogs, client testimonials, case studies, or you can even check on LinkedIn. These resources will help you know about their expertise and experience, see if they specialize in the social media services which you need.

Researching also involves contacting them and asking questions that will help with your decision. Hence once you are down to 4-5 agencies, there are few things you should ask. Like what are their core competencies, how they measure engagement or growth, do they outsource their work, what marketing approach that they follow, how often they’ll communicate with you, and so on. Of course, it might be tedious but the right agency can do wonders for your brand by offering a wider reach on social media, so make sure you do it right.

3. Share the right info and see if they ask questions that matter

Another way of knowing if the social media agency is the one for you or not is by noticing them. You can tell if they are serious about helping and putting effort to achieve your brand’s objective. See if they are just speaking like a salesperson or they talk in terms of ideas, creativity, and concepts.

While choosing an agency makes sure you choose only if you feel that they are actually trying to understand your brand’s goals or requirements, a right social media agency will analyze your account in terms of your competitors, your targeted audience, your weakness, and so much more. They’ll talk about how they can improve the performance of your social media platform so that you can grow your business on social media, they’ll suggest different social media marketing strategies. 

4. Ask people for their opinion

This one is optional if in case you don’t want to notify your audience that you are buying an agency’s services to grow your business on social media platforms. But there are various forums where you can ask about a specific agency without disclosing your identity.

And if you are okay with notifying other people then you can ask your audience for their opinion about a particular social media agency on social media platforms itself. And if someone used their services you can ask them for their experience just to be sure.

Peer recommendation can be a great way to find a suitable agency, as they are more reliable.

5. Read their reviews

The last thing which can help you choose the right social media agency is to read reviews, aside from the agency’s own website as they might be fake. There are many credible third-party review sites like Clutch, Featured Customers, Trust Pilot, G2 , Reviewsxp that can help you with your buying decisions.

Be realistic while reading reviews, one can’t expect totally positive reviews. Of course, there will be some negative reviews too if it’s been a while since the agency is offering their services. But see how the agency has handled the negative reviews, if you find something alarming consult it with the agency and see how they respond to it. It might also be possible that the agency dropped fake reviews on other platforms too, you can spot them as they are mostly too short, general, and the review must be from someone who has given no other reviews.


So that was it guys. Once you follow all these steps I’m sure you’ll be able to find the right social media marketing agency that will help you grow your business on social media.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment.

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