8 Facts About Instagram That Are A Complete Lie

Updated October 6, 2023

Too much information regarding Instagram has been circulating recently. But how do you know what’s true and what’s not? How can you become MegaFamous on IG?

The reality that Instagram is not quite as open regarding how its system and feed function as Facebook doesn’t make the problem go away.

It’s no wonder that the spread of misleading information has acquired traction.

We’ve put together the top list of Instagram lies that everyone thinks are true, but aren’t.

Facts About Instagram

1. Fake It Till You Make It


One of the most generally held misconceptions regarding Instagram is that it is only for narcissistic individuals who lie on their path to fame.

After seeing a few of these breathtakingly gorgeous photographs of people and locations that are impossible to discover in real life, people’s feelings about themselves begin to change.

Certainly, there are a lot of individuals who make a lot of money by altering photographs of phony product outcomes. The overwhelming mass of Instagram users, on the other hand, value genuineness. Society has had enough of fakers.

To thrive, you need real individuals and skills, particularly if you’re in it for the long haul.

2. The Story of Shadowbanning

It’s a narrative that’s nearly as primitive as Instagram.

“If Instagram finds you employ the identical hashtags or any other repeating trends targeted at promoting your business, it would suppress your photos.”

Now, that’s a load of hogwash.

For a long time, this erroneous truth has produced a lot of buzz and driven many companies off of Instagram.

Fortunately, Instagram administrators have debunked these rumors once and for all, stating that this was never the truth. There is no such thing as shadowbanning.

3. Automation Is a Big No

According to rumors, if you utilize any form of planning tool or system that can do many of the tedious tasks for you, Instagram will consider it fraudulent activity and will ultimately prohibit you permanently.

There’s no reason to be concerned. You may and must devote more time and intellectual effort to the things that truly count, like developing amazing content, while allowing cutting-edge automation to work its wonders in other domains.

For instance,  Flock Social is a clever bit of program that aims just to make your Instagram life simpler. Personalized alternatives that automate some of the more fascinating tasks allow you to be more sociable and genuine where it counts.

“Shadowbanning isn’t a reality, and Instagram claims it doesn’t conceal people’s posts because they use excessively many hashtags or do other things.”

4. The Life of a 24-Hour Story

Recall the terrible FOMO scenarios that this false statement has caused throughout the years.

Or the countless amazing experiences captured in Stories that you believed were lost forever. No, not exactly.

We were all mistaken, thanks to the wonderful Story Highlights option. You can submit your story to highlights in just a few clicks and ensure that your favorite recollections remain on all the time.

Leave the Stories Archive checkbox enabled to ensure that your stories are securely archived.

Your Stories will be immediately stored in your Stories Archive, eliminating the requirement to store them on your device. You can, however, disable Stories Archive in Settings at any moment.

5. You Must Employ a Certain Set of Hashtags

According to rumors, using the full hashtag limitation in one post will make you appear bothersome and specifically adapted.

This is a difficult one. Most individuals will concur that utilizing all 20 hashtags can appear cluttered and bothersome, but you do not wish to lose out on possibilities. When you utilize a hashtag, you are allowing more individuals to view your material.

The proper method to do this is to develop a well-thought-out hashtag strategy for every article. This will bring you to your destination considerably quicker. Your postings will always appear in front of the proper demographic while still seeming smart.

Also, the positioning of your hashtags has little to do with the amount of interaction you would receive.

Rather, you must concentrate all of your energy on developing a legitimate and comprehensive hashtag approach. It is the one most crucial factor in increasing your audience.

And, obviously, if you’re concerned with the caption’s unprofessional appearance, you can simply “hide” them in the remarks by adding the dotted line beforehand.

6. To Be Active, You Must Update Each Day

The ever-changing online world and the reduced concentration duration may appear to be valid explanations for the content-creation mania. It’s no surprise that this nonsense has been there for so long.

When calculating the appropriate amount of postings, consider your market and its objectives.

Someone who follows a meme page, for instance, will anticipate a post or two per day, whereas 3 postings per week are sufficient for a cafe. You can also use Stories for regular involvement.

Staying constant in your style and choosing value over volume can propel you forward more quickly.

So, let’s confront it, no number of posts in the universe can compensate for an absence of creativity, and it reflects.

7. Everything Depends on Timing

You must just post at a specified period of the day. This one has gotten to all of us at some point.

We think everybody knows by today that this cannot be considered a general law. A smarter method to approach this is to consider your followers’ lifestyles, time regions, and normal Instagram engagement times.

Rather than following generic principles, you’ll be empowered to create better-educated choices.

In today’s fast-paced online economy, it is critical to double-check every source prior to drawing any conclusions. Without a doubt, any new Instagram algorithm modification will result in a new collection of rumors.

Don’t get caught up in the tabloid-style headlines that even the biggest publication houses fall to from moment to time. Look up the real source information carefully, and bide your time deciding on a plan of conduct.

8. Organically, You Can Just Attract 7% Of Your Target Audience

This fact surfaced following one of the most significant algorithm adjustments, which generated a lot of publicity and user displeasure.

Instagram executives have once more clarified the air and disproved this rapidly circulating misinformation. They claimed in a popular tweet from last year that the tweaks did not alter the appearance of your postings.

They did, though, point out that the system adapts the stream depending on your Instagram activity, which changes.


These were a few facts about Instagram that are a complete lie. They might sound true since they are quite prevalent and believed by people however, they aren’t completely true and do not work the way people believe.

So now you know, if you were trying to grow on Instagram based on these facts and weren’t succeeding you need to start working hard rather than believing in facts that aren’t true.

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