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Updated October 6, 2023

Mutual digging or Mutual friends submission is a popular technique that digg user are using to vote one another articles and increase there votes. Votes are necessary to get higher rankings in digg pages and get traffic. To find mutual diggs you can use Sub Digger which is one of the popular service in finding mutual friends submission by username. You simply enter the username in the search box and sub digger will find all mutual submissions for the username.

sub digger mutual submission tracker

Sub Digger can save your precious time and enable to find latest diggs submitted by your friends. Even you can see all diggs from all friends in one single page. Another feature that sub digger provides is getting latest diggs submitted in 24hours direct to your mail box.

  • One Click to Next Story
  • Show you the Submitter
  • Fully Functional Listing View
  • Last 24 hours stories by History

This simple tool is compatible with mozilla firefox, google chrome and internet explorer. Enjoy this great tool and find latest mutual friends submission by entering the username. In a few seconds you will get all the details on your browser.

Sub Digger- Track Mutual Friends Submission –

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