How to Track Your Packages Online

Updated October 6, 2023

Just like every year, many packages got lost before the Christmas holidays. It’s obvious why, as Christmas is the annual main season for parcel services worldwide. 2020 has been the peak year for online shopping, too, as the global pandemic has caused many businesses to shut their doors. The fact that get-togethers have been very hard to pull through due to Covid, many people started using parcel services for sending presents to their loved ones, which is yet another reason for the increased parcel volume.

But even though we understand the reasons that cause lost or even stolen packages, it´s awful to lose an article that is supposed to be shipped to you or one that you are sending to somebody else. Depending on which shipping terms you have agreed on, there´s not a lot you can do if your items are lost. Sometimes, packages show up again and simply arrive later than expected, which is better than nothing, of course. Still, it will leave you puzzled if your consignment seems to have vanished. Tracking is the key. An e-track platform allows you to enter your tracking number and that way find out about the whereabouts of your package. That makes it easier to locate your parcel shipment if it seems to be stuck somewhere.

How Does e-Tracking work?

E-tracking has been around for a few years now, but EMS tracking goes one step further. EMS consists of various parcel services worldwide and therefore guarantees for a quick shipping. When entering your shipping address, make sure to apply for EMS service, as that way, you´ll be able to track down your parcel anywhere in the world.

The EMS shipping method even includes insurance for lost, stolen or defective shipment. As the association of couriers covers those things in the case of damage or loss, it works as hard as possible to keep your consignment on track and to get it to its destination quickly. If the worst case arrives and your articles do get lost, you have nothing to worry about. E-tracking makes it possible to find out about the whereabouts of a certain parcel in a heartbeat. In the very unlikely case that your parcel really has vanished or been damaged, you´ll get a refund.

About four hours after your shipment has left its starting point, you are able to enter the tracking number. Now, you can start the live e-tracking.

Where is my EMS Number?

Usually, you´ll receive the EMS number as soon as you chose the shipping method EMS. It always starts with an E, which is followed by twelve more characters. After the E, there comes another letter, followed by nine numbers and, again, two letters. If you are expecting a shipment from China or Singapore, the first letter is often the R instead of the E. Your EMS number is usually easy to be found on your shipment label. EMS itself does not pass the tracking number on to the recipient on the shipping address, though. That means, a successful online business should always pass it on to the one that will receive the parcel. If you are expecting an EMS shipment and have not received any tracking information by the sender, contact them and ask for them to pass it on to you.

How do you benefit from e-Tracking via EMS?

As mentioned before, a myriad of couriers collaborates in the EMS association. That way, your parcel can always take the shortest route without unnecessary standstill. Packages sent within the US usually arrive at their destination within three to five days. As many online shops send their products directly from China, Singapore or Indonesia, EMS gets the consignments from A to B within seven to ten days, which is nothing compared to many other parcel services.

The insurance for loss and damage makes sure that you, the sender or the recipient of a consignment, does not have to pay off the failure of the courier.

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