How to Spy on Facebook Messages without The Phone

Updated October 6, 2023

Facebook has been around for a while, and everyone has an account on it, which they’d like to keep private. But sometimes, due to some reasons, you want to know how to spy on someone’s Facebook just to be aware of what they are doing on their personal online space.

You have looked up so much information and entered so many questions into the Google search box several times, and you ended up with nothing. You are also here to find an answer. So, here you are, reading an article on “how to spy on Facebook Messages without the phone,” hoping to finally get the answer you are looking for. Are you going to get answers? Read on!

Why people want to spy on someone’s Facebook

So, why do you want to spy on someone’s Facebook? Is your motive just to read someone’s Facebook messages, or are you trying to ensure that the person is safe, especially if the person is a minor?

The major reasons why many people are interested in knowing how to spy on someone’s Facebook are:

  1. Curiosity: The major drive of wanting to spy on someone is curiosity. When you are curious about what your partner, child, or friend is always doing on Facebook that makes them spend a lot of time on it, you become curious and want to know what they are up to.
Spy on Facebook
  1. Monitor a person: Sometimes, you just want to know what your child, spouse, or employee is doing on Facebook, not due to any reason at all.
  2. Behavioral change: A change in a person’s behavior may be what prompts you to want to know how to access someone’s Facebook messages. This is so that you can know what they’re up to and what prompted the change in them, especially when it’s a negative change in behavior.
  3. Parental control: As a parent, you may want to stay up-to-date with what your child is doing on Facebook. You want to be sure of the safety of your child and know whether he/she is not being bullied or sexually harassed by an adult or a stranger.
  4. Company or business reputation: Companies also spy on their employee’s Facebook to know whether they are not breaking any company policy or rule, or leaking the company’s secret, or ruining the company’s reputation.

How to check someone’s Facebook messages

By just typing “how to check someone’s Facebook messages” into the search box, you can get all the answers you need. However, not all the results lead to the answer you are looking for. Headlines can be misleading, you know? You can view someone’s Facebook messages via third-party apps like spy apps or monitoring apps.

Apart from spying on their messages, you can access the location of the person. Gone are the days when it was hard to locate a person, and you know all those tricks they show in movies that involve rigorous steps are not needed much to locate someone.

You can locate someone via Facebook when they share their location with you. This, however, involves that they willingly share their location with you. If they do, you get to know wherever they are anytime you want.

Spy on Facebook Location

You can also locate them through location tags or hashtags on Facebook. If their location tag is on the images they upload, you can find out where they are. However, it’s Facebook, and people can put whatever they want you to see on it. It may not be their exact location that is on their image. Tap on the location tag and click view location. This redirects you to Google Maps.

You can locate someone via the “nearby friends” feature on Facebook. That means you have to be logged into the Facebook app to be able to connect to friends that are close to your location.

How to See Other People’s Messages On Facebook

If you want to spy on someone’s Facebook messages, these are two sure methods you can apply to do that:

Spy apps

The easiest method to read someone’s Facebook messages is to use Facebook spy app. Spy apps are software you can use to access someone’s messages and call records. You can use this app to monitor a person without them knowing that you are.

Spy apps can access a person’s phone location, SMS, messenger messages, call history, phonebook, etc. First, you need to download the app and register; then, you enter the details of the person – their phone’s code or IMEI number.

So, which are the best spy apps you can use to spy on someone’s Facebook?

Best Apps to Spy On Someone’s Facebook Without Them Knowing

The following spy apps really work, and they are reliable to spy on someone’s Facebook:


Spy on Facebook with mSpy

This is the no. 1 Facebook spy app and currently the best you can use. What you can check with the mSpy app on Facebook are Facebook messages, group chats, timestamp, calls, GPS, search history, etc. How does this work with Facebook? Buy a mSpy subscription, install, and setup, and you can start tracking the person right away.


Hoverwatch monitors all Facebook messages sent and received on a person’s android phone. What you can do with a hoverwatch is that you can track messages in stealth mode, record calls, monitor search history, track SMS, track phone location, camera, etc.

How can you get use this to monitor someone’s Facebook messages? Sign up for a free online account, download and install the tracker app from your account, and start tracking via your online account.


Theonespy is another trustworthy spy app you can use to track a person’s Facebook messages. This app allows you to spy on someone’s Facebook messages, read and view offline messages and texts, track Facebook activity log, new friends added, blocked or deleted contacts, time schedule, Facebook keystroke, messages time schedule, and auto screen record target’s android phone when they are on their Facebook.

To use this app, register. Then, type on your android phone to access your Theonespy dashboard. Click on “my services,” then click on “IM’s log, and set Facebook logs. Start spying!


An easy way for you to know what a person is typing on their Facebook is to try a keylogger. The keylogger will show you what a person is typing on their Facebook and answer your question on how to see someone’s Facebook message. You only have to install it.

Keylogger is a monitoring app designed to record keystrokes made by a person. It makes use of an algorithm that monitors keyboard stroke, records what a person is typing, and sends it to a third-party.

A hardware-based keylogger can be connected to the person’s computer or keyboard, while the software-based can be sent to the person via a link which they click on unknowingly.


There are so many reasons as to why you may want to spy on someone’s Facebook messages. You have been looking for ways to do this, and finally, you found this article. The only thing left for you to do is try any of the spy apps mentioned in this article, and you can start monitoring your friend, spouse, or child.