Top Overlooked Ways To Promote Your Local Business

Updated October 6, 2023

Any experienced entrepreneur will be quick to tell you that marketing and advertising is easily one of the most difficult elements of running a new business. Marketing is the only thing you can really do to attract new customers, but unfortunately, it’s also something that can consume a lot of your time, money, and energy.

Furthermore, small local businesses and startups don’t often have the ability to outsource their marketing to professionals who could easily do the job for them. In this case, it’s up to you to do the marketing yourself. You’ll be glad to hear that there are a large number of marketing resources and techniques available to you that shouldn’t kill your business and that will also be more effective than you may have initially anticipated.

Here are the top overlooked ways you can promote your local small business:

Local Business

Use Giant Inflatables

Giant inflatables are useful marketing tools because they are colorful, vibrant, and big. They can quickly and easily draw the attention of anyone walking or driving by. What’s more, is that they are very versatile both in their design and how you can use them. You can have giant inflatables set up at your physical location, or you can also do so at events such as fairs and tradeshows.

There’s really no limit to how your giant inflatables can look either, and you can have them custom created to be as detailed and as intricate as you would like. Many restaurants, for example, will often have giant inflatables created of the food items they serve to instantly represent exactly what they sell to potential customers.

Give Your Products Away

If there’s any one simple way that is practically guaranteed to get people to use your products or services is to offer them for free. The idea is that the customer will enjoy the experience or product, and then talk about to their friends and relatives to send more (paid) customers your way.

In short, you should never be too afraid to offer free trials. People will always naturally be more comfortable purchasing something that they already know they like. You probably like to receive free trials and samples yourself, right? If so, you should understand how other people like to as well.

Use Feather Flags and Banners

Feather and banner flags are simply a form of business signage that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are usually mounted on a pole, and tend to be tall, colorful, and vibrant so they may stand out as well. There’s a really good chance that you have already seen these at numerous businesses and tradeshows already.

As with giant inflatables, banners and flags can be used for a wide variety of purposes as well. Not only can they show the name and logo of your company, but they can also be used to share promotional information as well. For example, you can advertise any special sales or deals you have going on. Today, feather flags and banners are commonly used by gas stations, car dealers, restaurants, and cellular service stores.

Become A Part of Your Community

Finally, one of the most overlooked marketing methods of all is for your business to simply become a part of your community. This means exactly what it suggests: literally make your business become a part of your town or city just like any other thriving business is. For example, you can sponsor Little League teams, host events, go to business and networking events, and invest directly back into your community’s projects.

There’s really no shortage of things you can do to become a part of your community to the point that your business will become a local household name. Basically, just increase your business’s visibility in your local town or city as much as you can, and you’ll naturally draw in customers.

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business is going to be a time consuming endeavor no matter what, and there’s really no way to get around that. But fortunately, each of the above marketing techniques that we have gone over are often too overlooked by competing business and are also very effective at drawing in new customers, so they will definitely be marketing methods that you’ll want to try out.

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