6 Ways to Ramp Up Your Business on Social Media

Updated October 6, 2023

In the technology-driven world, you surely do not want to stay behind in extending your business online. If you are also looking forward to expanding your business presence online or thinking of starting one digitally, but do not know what all you should keep in mind before going ahead with it, then you have landed in the right place. Now, you can easily reach out to your audience with the power of visual content. Be it micro-infographic videos or reels speaking out about your business, unleash the power to expand and revamp your business with Social Media today itself.

If you’re puzzled about how you should go ahead with this idea and do not have much idea about what all you should keep in mind to connect to as many people as you can and revamp your business insanely, we have jotted down few ways for every passionate business-minded human on this planet. So, go ahead and scroll through the ideas and let us know which one is helping you out the most.

Business on Social Media

1. Create a distinct post for distinct platforms

When you have already decided to expand your business online, do not restrict yourself to just one platform. Make utmost use of all the social media platforms. But, do not keep it monotonous as people like to prefer variations in the posts they see. For example, if you are putting a picture of your product, then make a video for a particular platform or reel for Instagram IGTV’s along with the suitable captions and hashtags to reach out to more and more people at a time.

Another thing that you can keep in your mind is that you should post all your posts on all the platforms simultaneously. As you would be posting almost similar content on every platform, it would become easy to manage all the posts.

You will only be dedicating a particular time for one block rather than doing it for smaller chunks of the day. The process will become super-efficient and engaging if you decide to devote some time to connect to your community of followers. If you anticipate that you will be busy for the next week, make sure you keep everything pre-planned and try to connect to your network.

2. Scheduling posts to connect to an international audience

If you are running a business account, it is pretty obvious that you are keeping a tab on the analytics of your page. With the help of analytics, you can see the type of posts people like the most, but you can also check the type of content liked by different communities or citizens of different countries. So, suppose you are limiting your posts and videos to only your time zone. In that case, there is a high probability that you might be missing out on a large part of the community, which will severely impact your business or restrict your business’s growth.

If your business is focused on the local market, then this isn’t for you. But if your business serves a global population, then to grow your reach, you can schedule a live session with them and connect with them on a personal level. Nevertheless, while connecting to an international audience, you might come across various people who might be or not be in a similar kind of business. So, if you get connected to some business person who is willing to be partners with you, grab this golden opportunity and expand your business internationally.

3. Interaction is the key

There is no point in building a social media presence if you do not interact with your audience. After all, your followers would feel more connected to your brand if you consider their thoughts and opinions. So, you have to take care of the people who make your social media presence if you do not want to lose them.

People love it when brands connect with them on a personal level and hear them out. There are various social-media listening apps that help you out by telling you the trending keywords and giving you real-time alerts related to your brand. You have to know that the key to building a strong social media presence is by making good content and effective reach.

If you are expanding your business on Instagram, then grow your Instagram account with a few growth services. To target a particular audience, it is important to have professional assistance to help you out. So, your work has been made easier by choosing the 15 best growth services available in today’s date. Go ahead and use these professional tools and build the business of your dream soon.

4. SEO can drive your business to the next level

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a great way for anyone looking to expand their business. If somebody is searching for a particular trend and using the right keywords, there is a high probability that a large audience visits your page. While analyzing the posts, you might have checked that some keywords work better than others and are one of the main reasons for attracting more people towards it.

Keep yourself in the loop by keeping an eye on the social media trends and optimize your page or posts accordingly. You can also do topic mining by going through the content being made and published by your competitors. So, if you cannot come with new ideas lately, avoid doing the leg work yourself and serve off what your competition is doing. However, there could be a million activities that your competitor might be engaging in, but you got to choose your topic wisely.

5. Conduct a sharing contest for your social media page

One of the best and trusted tactics of connecting and rewarding the people who have been following you for a while is to conduct a sharing contest. Nonetheless, you also get an option to increase your page’s activity, get more popular, and reach out to larger parts of the community. You can also collaborate with other creators of businesses in the same field to target different audiences. So, by powerfully branding your contest, not only you’ll be able to reach out to more people than usual, but you’ll be promoting your business at the next level too.

Make sure that you keep your audience’s interest in mind and then go ahead with the contest to make the contest exciting. This is crucial to make sure more people get involved in the task. So, ensure that the reward is super-exciting as people will feel more motivated to be a part of the contest. Further, keep it simple yet attractive. Ensure that the platform on which you’ll be conducting the contest is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Once you start conducting such contests, you will analyze your brand presence, your followers, what kind of content is being liked by them more, and many more factors. By keeping the analytical results in your mind, you can increase your reach by keeping all those factors in mind and conducting more such contests often.

6. Bring variation to your posts

If you are starting your business on social media, you wouldn’t mind experimenting with your posts. With the pandemic already making our life monotonous, change is being perceived better these days by many people. Sometimes you might have observed that just by putting blog links, not many people check them out.

But if you include some related videos and images, people like to go through those blogs more. Nevertheless, there are times when people love to read about a particular topic in-depth, and at other times they hardly have 30 seconds to go through or invest in a post. So, bring variations and see what works for you the best.

So, these were few hacks that you can apply on your social media page and see your business achieving success. However, do not rush and muggle up all the tactics at one time. Give time to one change at a time, analyze the results and then hop onto the other change.

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