What You Should Know about the Branded Videos

Updated October 6, 2023

Digital marketing continues to grow at an impressive rate as an increasing number of companies realise its importance. There are other ways to connect with your clients, but none as quick, convenient and effective as the digital medium. The online space offers various methods for interacting with customers, including email marketing, social media platforms and search engines. That is why companies such as Monster & Bear specialising in video production, are in high demand among the corporations and businesses looking to make maximum use of the digital medium to reach their customers. Branded videos are a type of corporate video that seek to highlight the brand’s values without directly advertising the brand itself. The focus is entirely on the content rather than the company itself. What are the other things you must know about the branded videos?

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What Do Branded Videos Mean?

As mentioned above, a branded video is a corporate video in which the company sponsors the content and seeks to promote its mission, values, and objectives without directly avoiding the brand’s advertisement. It aims to capitalise on the goodwill the brand already enjoys among the customers. The video should be informative, entertaining and educational. However, the viewers should be reminded of the brand while watching the video, for if they don’t, it defeats the purpose.

Tips for Creating Branded Videos

Companies use different types of branded videos as part of their video marketing strategy. Even though you should hire a professional video marketing company to help you create a video, these are a few tips and suggestions you might find helpful. However, it would be beneficial to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for making branded videos.

Make Your Audience Your Priority

Rather than deciding whether you find the content attractive or not, try to understand whether it would sufficiently attract the audience. You could do that by conducting research, assessing the user’s requirements and preferences, and creating the video content accordingly.

You Could Try the No-audio Option

Although a video with a sound has its uses, those without audio deliver the intended results, too. Plenty of people access contents on their smartphones or tablets, and as they scroll through a feed, they might not feel the need to switch on their audio, and more so if they are in a public space. You could try telling the story through captivating visuals or including subtitles that are easy to read and have the correct font size.

CTA Doesn’t Go Well with Branded Videos

A call to action will not work well with branded videos because their objective is not to sell your brand or product but to educate the audience. If you incorporate a CTA, the users might find it pushy and skip the video altogether. Since your objective is the information rather than increasing the conversion rate, it is advisable to ignore this marketing method.

Make Sure the Video Is Relevant

If you are a manufacturer of shoes, you should ensure the video has something to do with footwear, such as the proper way of wearing your boots or maintaining them. A video that has nothing to do with your company or brand will not even serve the secondary purpose of calling attention to your brand.

What Are the Benefits of Branded Video?

A branded video has several benefits, the most obvious of which is providing information. It is more authentic than advertisements since it does not appear randomly or interrupt the consumers. A well-produced video instantly attracts the customer’s attention and makes them notice a particular company. Branded videos are also associated with a higher brand recall and increased brand engagement. It also ensures the customers’ loyalty, resulting in higher sales for the company in the long run.

Hiring video production companies such as Monster & Bear is a reliable way of ensuring you get the branded video you want, according to your requirements. Once the audience finds your video appealing or valuable, it won’t be long before they are drawn towards your product eventually.

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