Top 5 Tablets for Kids

Updated October 6, 2023

With the advancement in technology we are able to witness some auspicious gadgets with some jaw dropping features. Yes we may be grown up enough but what about our nieces and nephews. Don’t worry now the world is moving fast so as the technology also. Now little ones can also experience gadgets according to their suitability.

The rising technology of tablets has stormed the whole market. Now a day you will find kids playing with their personal tablets and this is quite common now a day. Now you will come across many child tablets but it is quite hard to find which one is the best. So let me share some of children tablets which will sure ease your way to gift one.

Nabi kids Tablet with Android

Nabi kids Tablet with Android

One of the coolest tablets for kids and is recommended enough for your little ones who are sharp and intelligent. This tablet will allow your kids to

  • Watch movies online like television.
  • Learning science, mathematics.
  • Learning general knowledge.
  • Improving vocabulary
  • Improving reading and spelling skills
  • Comes with full on entertainment like games.

It is already preloaded with variety of popular games like angry birds, cut the rope etc so that you don’t have to spend extra dollars.

Regarding its display it shows high definition videos of 1080p and also provides streaming from Netflix. So browse unlimited movies from your tablet and have fun.

VINCI 7- inch Touchscreen Mobile Learning Tablet


The second best tablet for your kid with super construction and durability. The tab contains handles on the two sides and the top for giving a greater design.

Yes it doesn’t have versatility like the above tab but regarding educational purpose it is one of the best tabs to hang out with. Kids can always enjoy learning and earning knowledge along with entertainment like videos on YouTube and other websites are quite handy features.

Vtech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet


Here is another interesting tablet and suitable enough for educational purpose. You will find many interesting science and mathematics related games. It also teaches basic music theories. It also comes with interesting eBook features which have correct and proper explanations which are mostly enjoyed by kids. Kid’s reading, phonics and vocabulary skills will be improve no doubt. You can download games, eBooks, and movies while you can connect it to your PC through USB.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet

Till now leapfrog has brought forward many interactive educational devices and this time they have introduced tablets for kids. They come with reasonable and affordable prices so that everyone can experience them. The tablets are sleek enough so the kids love its design. It is full of educational contents with a camera and 2 GB inbuilt memory. Kids love capturing pictures and make their best moments. It is powerfully packed with 100’s of application.

Vtech mobiGo Touch Learning System

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet

The specialty of this tab is QWERTY keypad which will no doubt enhance your kid’s typing ability. It’s a simple tablet but is an effective one. This is the cheapest one in comparison to the other tablets yes it lacks certain features when compared to other tablets. Just power it and you son will enjoy surfing different applications that are pre-loaded. Graphics quality is absolutely fine with easy to use interface.


Among all the tablets stated above I will suggest the android one first. Yes because it is better than others have loads of features regarding entertainment, educational or gaming purpose.  But it’s completely your choice, choose the best leave the rest and enjoy the most.

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