4 Gadgets you Need to Own in 2016

Updated October 6, 2023

Here are five great gadgets you need to own in 2016. These items are also great to give for gifts during the holidays and birthdays.

1:- IPEGA PG9023 Telescopic Bluetooth V3.0 Controller for IPHONE/IPOD/IPAD+Android+More


IPEGA PG9023 Telescopic Bluetooth V3.0 Controller

This controller works with an iPhone or any other Android phone. This controller fits your phone or pad in the center of the controller giving you a one piece mobile game system. All the standard controller buttons are found on this telescopic controller. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts about 20 hours with each charge and a recharger. Right now, it only comes in black. This is a great gift for someone who waits for others or rides public transportation. Weston All in One Kitchen Kit

Weston has made a great gadget that is featured at Fingerhut. This kit is able to separate eggs and beat them as well. It will slice all of your vegetables and fruits with an assortment of blades including julienne, grater, shredder and straight blades. It will also juice vegetables or fruits, producing an excellent juice product with little effort. The kit comes with an easy to use handle and will clean up easily in the top dishwasher rack. Saves on shelf space in small kitchens. Comes in white and red.

2:- 3-In-One Magnetic 180°Fish Eye Lens and Wide Angle with 0.67X Macro Lens for Samsung Mobile Phone

Pexel Photo

There magnetic lenses allow your mobile phone to take photos with a fish eye lens or wide angle photos not available with your cellphone. This allows your photographs to reach new artistic levels and will let you take much wider pictures. No longer will you need to cut your group pictures into thirds. These lenses are fun to play with for any photographer and are easy to keep with you as they fold up into a small carrying case. The lenses are magnetic and attach easily to your camera.The best lenses are from Samsung Electronics where no attachment is necessary because the magnetic lock keeps them in place. Remember to use a coupon for samsung products to save some money on the product.

3:- Viatek Pocket Mighty Jump Emergency Vehicle Jump Starter and Electronic Device Charger

Viatek Pocket Mighty Jump Emergency

This device is about the size of a cell phone, yet will charge a dead battery given time. The device works by charging your car’s battery using your DC accessory port. The device can take up to one hour to work, but on average people report about 15 minutes to charge the battery. The device can be kept in any car easily. Just remember to keep it charged for use. Also will charge mobile phones from the USB port in the car. Comes in a variety of colors and there are several videos available on Youtube to show you how to use the device.

4:- Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker with Bluetooth

Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker with Bluetooth

Featured on Fingerhut, this device allows the wearer to track their progress in many areas of activity. This watch tracks steps, distance and calories. It has some smart functions and comes with an alarm. The watch can also remind you when it is time to exercise. Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. The watch integrates with a variety of operating systems, including almost any mobile phone. Great device for someone who is getting into walking or running. Discount coupons can be found at http://www.promocodewatch.com/fitbit-promo-code. The watch comes in black with a elastomer band.

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