Top 10 Digital Freebies To Ease Your Life

Updated October 6, 2023

The point about web design freebies is not they are free. Free in itself is not an attraction for anything. If you don’t want what’s on offer, free is still too much to pay. Finding out that you don’t want it, or that it doesn’t work, or that it does work but it doesn’t work the way you want it to work, takes time. And time is never free. Time is what makes it possible to do all the things you want to do and all the things you need to do. That makes time just about the most valuable thing in the world. The Old Testament said that a virtuous woman’s price was far above rubies. Well, sure. But maybe not as high as the price of time.

You’re wondering what all this has to do with digital freebies. has the answer.

You can’t buy time. But Greedeals can gift you some is a shop window for the publishers of everything and anything that makes web design easier. Mostly, you pay for what they offer, and it’s worth doing that because makes amazing deals available. Scattered among the paid gems, though, are some free design resources. They are what we want to talk about today.

You’re not really planning to code a drop-down menu from scratch

free coral kit

UI stands for User Interface. If you design and build websites for a living, you already know that. You also know just how much time can be taken up by coding things like drop-down menus, progress bars, and buttons (Subscribe Buttons, Social Media Buttons – you name it). With respect, that is not why you became a web designer. You want to spend time on the creative aspect of web design. Building a website that will make visitors go, “Wow!” A website that will multiply your customers’ business 100 times or more. Of course you do, because you’ll be named as designer on the website, and that “Wow!” experience will send more customers your way.

You won’t have so much time to build those state-of-the-art websites if you’re spending too much of it coding things that have already been coded a million times before. That’s where free design resources come in. Go here to be stunned by the number of design freebies you can have, absolutely free. Use them for your personal work or use them for customers, the price is still the same: $0.

You won’t get a better bargain than that.

Is fitness your bag?

Gym Icons Pack
We are being generous with the freebies this week, and not just in the matter of UI. If you have customers with any connection to the fitness industry (they own a gym; they sell fitness-related products; fitness is big business), take a look at these web design freebies. Once again, and just like the UI link, this isn’t really about saving money – it’s about saving time by not doing yet again something that someone else has already done. The point about icons is that they become well-known. People see them and they know instantly what the message is. That’s why using icons that already exist makes more sense than drawing new ones. And they come in AI format as well as EPS, so if you want to add your own creative element – feel free!

The law can be tedious. But it is the law

Free Legal Forms

You’re a creative person, not a lawyer. You don’t really feel the same need that lawyers do to surround everything you do and everything your customers do with red tape. Exclusions. Terms and conditions. And even if you did feel that need, you wouldn’t trust yourself to write those things in an unbreakable way. Well that’s okay, because it’s been done for you. Policy on Privacy, Terms of Use, assigning trademarks – all here, and all free. While you’re thinking about that stuff, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a watertight agreement with the customer you’re designing a website for? That’s there too.

Baked beans or fractals? Which do you prefer?

Free Fractal Images

No, it’s not a serious question. HJ Heinz built a global food manufacturing empire on 57 products. We are giving away 57 fractals. Mathematicians love fractals. They seem to think that fractals were invented for their benefit. They are wrong. Whatever the fancy math behind a fractal may be, the people they are really there for are designers. People like you. People with the imagination to think up entirely new ways to use them. Background or foreground, fractals can make a good website great. These come in PNG format – just hit the download button and start work.

Editable icons

Premium Office Icon
Icons are among the most popular web design freebies, because all web designers need icons. Icons convey in one small image something that might take hundreds of words to say in text. Icons need to be easily recognized, across the country and around the world, for what they represent. But an icon that you can’t edit only gives you half of what you need. These icons come in AI and EPS format and they are almost infinitely editable. We’ve done the heavy lifting; now you can add your creative design stamp.

Audiobooks to help build a better life, a better business

Free Audio Text Summary
Audiobooks are publishing’s fastest growing format. Sales of audiobooks grew 21% in America in 2015, they were up again last year, and it looks like 2017 is going to break more records. And the biggest growth – the fastest-growing of the fastest growing – is in non-fiction, self-help, “how-to” books. The reason for increasing audiobooks sales is clear:

  • More and more devices, from smartphones to tablets, support them; and
  • You can listen to them in all sort of places where you couldn’t read. When you’re driving. While you’re tidying the yard. Or keeping an eye on a grandchild. The list is endless.

Here are three audiobooks you’ll really want to listen to. And they’re free.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches the lessons the children of the rich learn from their parents, that other people can’t teach their children, because they don’t know them
  • Good to Great. Jim Collins also wrote the bestseller, Built to Last. In Good to Great, he builds on a huge amount of study and research to establish what it is that drives the journey that so few companies achieve: from good company to great company
  • The Challenger Sale. How do you find out what it is that fuels really great salespeople and really great sales teams? Answer: you seek out salespeople and sales teams that merit that description, and you study what they do and how they do it. It was just that study that allowed Matt Dixon and Brent Adamson to produce this book, that will challenge every preconception you have about selling.

Horses for courses – the right website for eateries

Coffe Shop Template
Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops. Places where people get together to eat, to drink, and to chat. It’s a different kind of business from any other, and it needs a different kind of website. Right now, we are offering the Coffee Shop website theme, completely free of charge. If you’re in one of these businesses, this is the website you need. And don’t worry that yours will look just like everyone else’s who uses the same theme. It won’t, because the theme is completely customizable. You can make it look exactly as you want it to look. It looks great on mobile devices, which is essential because so many people only start looking for somewhere to eat when they are already out on the street and. And, for the same reason, it has excellent SEO. Someone is out there looking for you. You want them to find you. With Coffee Shop, they will.

Build your brand with a mascot

Office Boy Mascot Creation Kit
Logos are great, and of course you have to have one, but chances are you also need a mascot. The logo tells people who you are. The mascot speaks in your name. It’s a little “person” that sits on your website and tells people what you want to tell them with the voice and manner you want them to hear. Making a mascot from scratch is a serious job; short-circuit the process with this free mascot designer. 20 poses, 100 accessories, and it’s available as JPEG or EPS. Once you’ve got a mascot on your site, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Emails are hard to beat

Free Corporate Template
Business emails aren’t like personal emails. They have a job to do, and the job is converting visitors into customers, or one-time customers into repeat buyers. They are not particularly easy to get right. For the content, you need someone with skills in content writing, but what we are concerned about right now is the design. Laying out an email for maximum effect is an art. One that most people don’t have. So we’re giving it to you. Free of charge.

This template has everything you need to get the layout exactly right. You can customize it 100%, so there’s no question of compromising the message you want to send. It looks just as good on a phone or other mobile device as it does on a desktop monitor. It’s designed to look perfect on Outlook. And it’s compatible with both MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.

Email is an essential part of marketing, but you don’t just need email – you need good email. In fact, you need superlative email. Well – here it is.

100 backgrounds. Free!

Premium Background Bundle
The last of our web design freebies today is this package of 100 grunge backgrounds. Designing a background is as time-consuming as any of the design tasks we’ve discussed. A background is necessary, but designing it can be a real chore. And now you don’t need to, because we’ve done it for you.

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