Gaming Laptops That Will Change The Way You Game

Updated October 6, 2023

Best Thin And Light Gaming Laptops

As technology continues to improve, so does the world of gaming and the devices used for it. Gaming itself comes in many forms, whether it’s trying out the new, much-raved about PC games or even playing a casino or bingo game as that phenomenon continues to grow too, a gaming laptop can provide anything, including greater flexibility than their desktop equivalents.

With a gaming laptop, you can game until your heart’s content whether it’s a pay by phone casino or the latest platform game. But, just which laptops should you actually go for?

Alienware Area-51m

Scary in name, scary in price; the £2,000-priced Alienware Area-51m is not a drop in the ocean, but it is certainly worth looking at – and it’s probably not as scary as the actual area 51.

The most powerful gaming laptop on sale, the Area-51m is user-upgradeable and even has replaceable graphics and a socketed Central Processing Unit (CPU). As such, it can be as powerful as the user desires. Its stunning space station aesthetic is also a massive hit with users.

It’s not exactly easy to carry around, but it makes up for that with its visual appeal. And, with virtual reality (VR) readiness, the Area-51m can help you unlock your virtual desires.

Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701

The most complicated and largest thing about the Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 is its name; in fact, the laptop is a mere 0.7 inches thick, enhancing its raw power. The laptop’s slenderness makes it simple to transport and, even better, any PC game can be played on Ultra.

With superb Red, Green and Blue (RGB) lighting, the gamer’s experience will be transformed into a visual spectacle. But, if you thought the Area-51m was pricey, then look away now – the Zephyrus comes in at £2,200.

Razer Blade 15

Regardless of its long career as a gaming laptop, Razer Blade continues to churn out incredible machines. The latest 2019 model is a thing of engineering beauty with its Nvidia GeForce RTZ 2080 graphics card providing gamers with remarkable gaming realism, power efficiency, immersion and even speed.

Though not as cheap as the Stealth, the Razer comes in at just over £1,500, but you know what you are getting: pure style, power and captivation.

Lenovo Legion Y740

Taking a leaf out of the Asus and MSI with an easily-forgotten name, the Lenovo Legion Y740 is an all-round piece of technical perfection. The Lenovo’s appeal has been improved by powerful internal components and modern Nvidia discrete graphics, meanwhile, its effective thermal cooling regulation and high refresh rate ensure quality gaming for as long as you desire.

Nearly £1,800 would be required to take home this Lenovo, but with accolades such as the “best-in-class system lighting”, it may be worth a little extra.

MSI GS65 Stealth

Following in Asus’ footsteps with a longer name than necessary, the MSI GS65 Stealth also reinforces the message that slenderness is best. The Stealth’s 0.69-inch thickness gives it an extra sleek look, yet there’s nothing halting its outlay of raw power. And, thanks to a fast display and effective thermal regulation, the Stealth is a combination of power, efficiency and durability.

Priced at just under £1,300, the Stealth trumps all its rivals, providing an unbelievable experience for nearly half the price of the Asus.

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