iTunes Google Maps app Hits the App Store at #1

Updated October 6, 2023

Google’s official iOS variant of their extremely popular and industry leading mobile maps software may have only been on the App Store for forty-eight hours but it has already managed to claw its way to the top spot in the free application section. However, this initial demand says more about the lack of customer confidence in iOS 6 Maps more than any ground breaking new functionality features Google Maps offer.

When iOS Maps was first launched it received many negative reviews, customers found whole towns missing or misplaced and CEO Tim Cook came out with a public apology to customer shortly after and followed this up with a couple of high profile executives leaving their jobs. Apple are currently working with TomTom to ensure that the next version will come up to customer expectation and the demand seen in Google’s official mapping software will only emphasize this.

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iOS users have known for some time that Google were working on releasing their own Maps application for the iPhone and iPod touch but the mystery came from not knowing when that app was going to land on the App Store, what features it would be shipped with and whether or not Apple would even allow it through their review process first time around due to rivalry. Considering Apple only announced they were removing Google Maps as a native part of iOS in June of this year Google have done a fantastic job in building such a powerful and accomplished iOS variant of the software in such a short space of time.

Google are no strangers to sitting at the top of the iOS download charts. They managed to find themselves in that position with the release of their Gmail application as well the first iteration of the Google Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad that was launched as part of the Google I/O Conference back in June of this year in San Francisco.

By downloading the Google Maps application by the bucket load iOS users are clearly making their digital voices heard and confirming what we pretty much already knew – that the native Apple Maps solution within iOS 6 is just not up to the user required standard yet. By rolling their own vector-based system, adding in great representations of 3D buildings in certain regions around the world and even offering an initial beta of the voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation Google have managed to definitively capture the imagination of those map loving individuals who feel let down by Apple’s internal decisions.

Although the app is currently sitting at number one in the store it is worth noting that a fair percentage of those downloads will have come from users who have been caught up in the hype or just downloaded the app purely due to it rising in prominence in the charts. The actual engrossed user-based who continue to use the Google Maps application going forward will more than likely drop rather significantly but will still sit at a fairly impressive number for Google.

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