How Do No Deposit Bonuses Work At Online Casinos?

Updated October 6, 2023

Gambling is very popular in the UK. The adrenaline flows through the veins and the tense air of placing a bet, tempts you to do more. Almost half of the British population does not want to do without this feeling and places their bets every month. In the Corona year 2020, an incredible 24 million Britons took part in gambling, and around 50 percent of these players relied on online casinos.

Experienced gamblers know that some gambling halls offer welcome bonuses to entice new customers to play. Very popular is the deposit promotion offered by many casinos with small deposits. However, some providers waive the deposit and allow registration. But how do no deposit bonuses work, and what is behind this principle? In the following article, we will explain it to you!

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What exactly are online casino no deposit gambling bonuses?

The online casino market is highly competitive, which is why the individual providers are always thinking about how they can make their own offer more attractive. One possibility is the no deposit bonus. If customers open a real money account at the casino, the players are offered a free sum of money or an attractive offer. Of course, only if the gamblers meet the casino’s requirements.

The advantage of these bonuses is that the gift is available to players without them having to make a deposit first. They can therefore play without touching their own money.

This type of bonus gift is usually offered to interested people to persuade them to gamble. It is presented as a reward for signing up. In addition, the offer is also made to inactive players. One tries to revive their desire to gamble and to win further loyal customers. Last but not least, this bonus is also given to loyal players as a “Thank You”.

How does an online casino no deposit bonus work?

The platform  provides extensive information on the topic of “gambling”. On the site, you can take an in-depth look at no deposit bonuses. We have summarized the most important information for you below.

It doesn’t take much to collect the online casino bonus without having to make a deposit. The first step is to find an establishment that offers the bonus. Then you need to register. Here, the customer usually has to answer a series of questions. This serves to exclude unsuitable candidates who cannot meet the conditions of the casino.

Once this is done, an amount of £5 or £10 is paid out. But be careful, the bonus money is not free. It must be used for selected games and a certain amount of money must be wagered. For example, the wagering requirement can be 10x, which means that you will eventually have to invest £100 to use the £10. For loyal gamblers and players who like to put in a round of betting, this is a great way to save money.

Do wagering requirements mean I need to deposit money to get my bonus?

If the player does not have an existing balance or if this does not meet the specified turnover requirements, the prerequisite is to invest your own money in order to be able to use the bonus. In this case, it is a bait-and-switch offer to get the players to attack their own reserves and put them into gambling.

However, for gamblers who have already accumulated credit on their profile that is relevant for the use of the bonus, the bonus is a great gift. Instead of continuing to deposit money, the bonus can be accessed. It can cover further bets or cushion losses.

The different types of no deposit bonus

There exists a small range of different types of no deposit bonuses that can be claimed. In the following, we give you an overview of the most popular bonuses and explain how they work.

Free Play No Deposit Bonus

With this bonus, casino visitors receive credit that can be used to play various games. However, the offer has a time limit within which the bonus must be used. If the bonus is used within the specified period and winnings are recorded, the bonus and the money won can be paid out. The prerequisite is that you meet the predefined requirements.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is tailored to slot machine lovers. Free spins are offered, through which slots can be played. If you are kissed by luck, the winnings can be withdrawn – but only if you fulfil the conditions.

Cash No Deposit Bonuses

The name of this bonus is self-explanatory. The casino offers the gambler a sum of money with which the desired games can be played. After fulfilling the conditions, winnings can be collected.

How to claim an online casino bonus

The payment of the winnings is subject to certain conditions. This way, casinos ensure that they also benefit from the gift that is offered to gamblers. Usually, a turnover condition is required, which entices players to invest their own money.

Once you have created your user account, you will need to go through the following steps in order to claim your winnings:

  • One requirement may be to contact customer support. The own presence, must be submitted to the employee.
  • An alphanumeric bonus code may have to be provided.
  • Some gamblers log in through affiliate sites and accordingly have to use their code.
  • Even if you have gone step by step, you will receive the money only if you have kept to the agreement and accepted the conditions.

Can I keep the winnings I make from a no deposit bonus?

Winnings may be retained if the requirements for retention are met. Casinos are obliged to abide by the promises made. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for players to have to wager large sums in order to claim the bonus. Even if luck is with them, and they win, the payout may not be congruent with the expenses they’ve made during gambling.

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