The Qualities of Mac That Made Me Fall In Love

Updated October 6, 2023

I have made the list of things of why I am so much a Mac follower. This article would certainly highlight you about some of the amazing features that you are not aware about. Who knows you might join the parade.

Before we begin, let me tell you that I am a die-hard Apple Mac fan that breathes Mac. Now that you are equally keen to know what made me do so you have come to the right place.  I have Mac since 3 years so all in all my being in touch with other desktops comprises of 5 years. Being undergoing various good/bad experiences with brands of Laptops and Desktops, I have finally found my content with Apple Mac.

mac notebook

So What Fascinates Me?

Great Looks

It is the best notebook developed by Apple people in this world. The construction of this notebook is sturdy and simplifies the design of the device. The choice of material of which this is made is excellent as it offers number of advantages that includes handling heat conductivity and good curvy design. It is thing and light build with relatively long battery life that goes on till 10 straight hours.

Inside Is What It Counts

The gadget is powered by 2.4 Ghz Intel core dual processor and has next generation NVIDIA GeForce 320 M graphic processor. You must be thinking what is so new about it, but it is what I and others have experienced using Mac is it performs far better than its predecessors in terms of power and speed. It has got 250 GB hard drive and 2 GB, 1066 MHz DDR3 SDRAM expandable up to 4 GB. Such features and other contemporary specifications plays a vital role in making a gadget somebody’s favourite.

Is Mac OS Complicated?

The answer to this question is very simple- No. To explain you in a very practical way any habit requires some time to adjust when switched to other things. The same case is with Mac. Have you ever switched from Windows to Linux? No, it is just a matter of time that one needs to get used to it so the conclusion is no, it is not complicated.

Quickie Search

For any tech geek, the screen is cluttered with many files and documents. At time it becomes to irritating in searching those, not any more with Mac. Whatever doc/file you need, no matter where it is stored you just require doing Command + Space and that is, in a zoom your required document is in front of you.

More Than One Desktop

You can have as many as you want. There is no problem of space to worry about. It can fit multiple desktops where you can multi-tasks your thing without frequent shuffling between the pages.

It Doesn’t Hang Up On You

In past few years with Mac, I do not know how it feels to get stranded all of sudden. Not just me, any Mac user would not know about the system hang ups. This is the best part of having Mac.

Customer Assistance

Ask any Apple user, you will know instantly how much they love being cared. The customer support is amazing; no matter how worst your problem is you have somebody with brains to speak to. This is something worth considering especially when you are spending mega bucks you are entitled to get that kind of service.

Pricey Gadget

Well I believe it is pricey compared to other ordinary laptops and desktops, but I think if you are getting the best brand with hi-end technology and fabulous customer support than there is no harm to relish your spending on the gadget like Mac.

Got the idea now why Apple Mac is difficult to resist. Buying Mac is indeed a logical choice which I made and I love every minute spending with it.

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