Essential Features That Determine Laptop Performance

Updated October 6, 2023

The prevalence of laptops is steadily increasing in today’s society, but the uses of laptops vary. While some laptops are used by college students for a convenient method of note-taking in class, others use laptops to perform countless programs and unique functions. Many manufacturers like Dell offer laptops with a wide range of features, providing consumers an endless supply of laptops to choose from. So what are the essential features you should look for when purchasing a laptop to ensure top quality performance?


You might ask yourself: What exactly is a CPU and what functions does it perform within your laptop computer? CPU, also known as a microprocessor, is the acronym for central processing unit. A CPU does exactly what it stands for: It processes instructions from various programs and other files. Its four primary functions are: fetch, decode, execute and write-back. In essence, CPU is the brain of the computer allowing you to perform your everyday tasks such as surfing the Internet, typing papers and playing games. For high-quality laptop performance, it is essential to have the newest most advanced CPU. A more advanced CPU provides the laptop with the ability to process information more quickly and run software more smoothly.


The RAM feature of a laptop works side-by-side with the CPU to ensure adequate performance for the user. A RAM, defined as random access memory, provides the space necessary for your computer to read and write data for the CPU to access. While the CPU is referred to as a laptop’s brain, the RAM is often referred to as the laptop’s memory. For a more efficient laptop, it is essential to have additional RAM. More RAM makes it easier for the CPU to function as it reduces the number of times the CPU must read the hard drive.

Cooling System

Maintaining a cool laptop is another essential feature in guaranteeing high-quality laptop performance. The electrical components inside a laptop generate an enormous amount of heat, and if the heat generated is not properly cooled, it can result in malfunctioning of the electrical components within a laptop. Heat sinks, air vents and fans all work simultaneously inside the laptop to prevent overheating.

Not only do computers come equipped with high-quality cooling systems in tact, but consumers can also purchase cooling pads to help keep their computers functioning at a normal temperature. Manufacturers like Dell offer both laptop-cooling pads and laptop-cooling fans to ensure your laptop computer is always functioning at the highest level of performance.

Hard Disk Capacity

A laptop’s hard disk capacity, also referred to as a laptop’s hard drive, is the most common storage within laptops. For higher performance, consumers should seek to purchase a laptop with quicker hard drive operating speeds. High spin rates allow for optimal performance.

Additionally, hard drives are available in many sizes. The larger the size of the hard drive, the more storage space the laptop will have. Depending on the intended use of the laptop, consumers should seek to find a hard drive large enough to hold all of their files and programs.

When searching for a high-performance laptop, keep these essential features in mind: CPU, RAM, cooling system and hard disk capacity. Manufacturers like Dell offer a wide range of products catering to the individual needs of each consumer, allowing you to find a laptop suitable for all your performance needs.

Author Bio:- Edwin Sun is a devoted technology and gadgets blogger, and has written articles on various topics, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, printers and networks. I am always willing to share ideas with those who want to learn more about the new cool gadgets.

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