10 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iPhone

Updated October 6, 2023

Who doesn’t love taking selfies in this digital age? But are you bored with the plain pictures? Then it’s time to play around with your friends and family photos using swap apps for android and iphone. This fun activity can grab a lot of laughs with hilarious outcomes. In fact, you don’t need to be a professional editor to do this.

Fortunately, several face swap apps are available that can morph faces in just a few minutes. In this post, we will share the 10 best face swap apps for Android and iPhone to take your editing skills to the next level. Using these apps, you can easily swap faces with your loved ones or even celebrities to produce entertaining images.

So without further ado, let’s dive into face-swapping.

What are Face Swap Apps?

Face swap app is a mobile application through which users can generate images with their face swapped with that of another person in any photograph or video. It is typically done with a picture of two people.

Many applications also allow face swapping of several individuals in a group image. Moreover, you can even swap your specific facial traits like hair, eye, nose, or lips with that of others to produce funny outcomes.

The photo-sharing options of the apps vary. For instance, some allow you to save the generated image, while others may let you share that directly to social media platforms.

How Face Swap Apps Work?

Most of these applications use automatic face detection technology to identify facial features in an image. They then use specific algorithms to calculate the distance between the points on the face to generate its three-dimensional model. Now, this 3D model creates a brand new image with the facial features swapped.

How to Choose the Best Face Swap App?

Here are a few essential factors that you must consider to ensure using the best face swap application:

Ease of Use: The app mustn’t require an advanced level of editing. It should be able to swap faces in only a few clicks.

Photo quality: The pixels of the image shouldn’t get damaged once the app generates the final result.

Features: It’s best to opt for an application with several other editing features in the package.

Price: Although many applications are free of cost, they may have in-app purchases to avail of the premium features.

List of 10 the Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iPhone

Following is the list of the most reliable and easy-to-use face swap apps for you.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat Faceswap Feature

In today’s age, almost everyone knows about Snapchat, the messaging app which allows users to share pictures and videos which disappear after the receiver views them. There are several reasons behind this app’s popularity, with its live face filters being the most notable. And these filters aren’t just limited to enhancing one’s beauty; you can also play around with a few, like crying or cartoon faces.

Similarly, Snapchat also features the face swap filter. However, it has certain restrictions, like you can’t swap faces using photos from your phone’s camera. To use this, you must capture live images with two individuals in the frame. The resultant picture would have their faces swapped. The best part is that you can try this interesting filter with your pets.

Download>> Android | iPhone

2. Face Swap 1.6.0

Face Swap App for Android

If you’re an Android user, we have the perfect deal for you, i.e., the Face Swap 1.6.0 application. It is free on Google Play Store and comes with many exciting face-swapping features. For instance, capture yourself and select any photo from your phone’s gallery to get your face replaced by the person in that image.

Moreover, this app has a library of stickers and effects, so you can take your editing to the next level by adding a quirky touch. Another notable feature of Face Swap 1.6.0 is that it allows placing the same face on everyone in a group photograph.

Download>> Android

3. Copy Replace Face Photo Editor

Copy Replace Face Photo Editor

As the name of this app suggests, it lets you copy a face from one photograph and then paste it onto another. If not the entire face, you can also copy-paste certain facial features like eyebrows, nose, lips, etc. Putting your creativity to work, you can definitely produce funny images using this app. Simply copy features of multiple people from different photos and combine them in one – your artwork is ready to garner some laughs.

What users love the most about this application is its blending tools, through which you can even combine your photographs with that of famous personalities. However, to enjoy its features fully, you must purchase its subscription. The free version only has six faces available, but you can use them on unlimited photographs.

Download>> iPhone


MSQRD Faceswap app

If you want your face swapping to be 100% accurate, then MSQRD definitely gets an edge over similar applications. It has a sophisticated algorithm that can accurately trace your facial features onto another person’s face or vice versa. The results would be so fine that many people would fail to know it’s an edited image.

Moreover, you can also use this free-of-cost application to change your appearance in real-time. And it even supports creating realistic images and videos hence a perfect all-in-one hub for pro photo editors.

Download>> Android

5. Faceover – PhotoFace Swap

Faceover Photo Face Mask App

If you’re an iOS user looking for an app that offers photo editing and face-swapping features simultaneously, installing Faceover can help. It does not just let you edit the images, but you can also save them in your gallery or share them directly on social media.

Speaking of its face-swapping features, this app conveniently allows copy-pasting of faces between two images. Moreover, you can also rotate or flip the faces to experiment with the results.

Although this application has free access, some premium features like shapes, colors, tints, and ad removal require an in-app purchase.

Download>> Android | iPhone

6. Reface – Funny Face Swap Videos

Reface - Funny Face Swap Videos App

Available for both Android and Apple users, Reface utilizes artificial intelligence to replace your face with another. Unlike many similar applications, it even works for videos which is a huge plus point.

The results look perfect as this app can match the facial expressions accordingly. Moreover, it has a library of video clips from different movies allowing you to take the avatar of your favorite celebrity. You omly need to take a selfie and edit it to generate impressive results.

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7. iSwap Faces

iSwap Faces App for iPhone

Want a face-swapping app that can generate results instantly without requiring extraordinary efforts? The iSwap Faces has got your back. You just need to capture a photo with someone or load one from your phone’s gallery to get started. Now simply place a mask layer on the faces you want to swap, and the app will handle everything else.

You can share the images on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with a single click and share laughter with your loved ones.

Download>> iPhone

8. Cupace

Cupace Faceswap App for Android and iPhone

Next on our list is the Cupace which is popular amongst Android and iPhone users for its exceptional face-swapping capabilities.

To use Cupace, simply upload a photo of yourself or someone else for whom you want to swap faces. Then, choose another photo from your camera roll or the internet that you want to superimpose onto the first image. The app does an excellent job of automatically detecting faces in images, but you can also manually select the areas you want to swap.

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9. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live for Android and iPhone

Images with swapped faces in real-time sound exciting, and Face Swap Live can do that for you. You can also record videos with the face swap effect using this application. Moreover, it is pretty simple to use and has an easy interface, so you can get your hilarious images ready in a few minutes.

Select pictures with two faces from your phone’s library or open your camera and record two people simultaneously. The app will handle the rest of the artwork by switching the faces automatically.

One aspect that makes Face Swap Live unique is you can even adjust the intensity of the effect by moving a slider on the screen.

Download>> Android | iPhone

10. YouCam Perfect

Youcam Faceswap App for Android

The last app on our list, YouCam Perfect, is ideal for face swapping, thanks to its easy-to-use interface. Moreover, you can even use it to get rid of blemishes and add some HD filters and effects. This photo editor application is only compatible with Android devices.

Download>> Android | iPhone


Face swaps are a fun activity that can bring some entertainment to your otherwise dull life. We hope you can find the one for your needs from our list of 10 best face swap apps for Android and iPhone and enjoy fantastic and humorous results.

So what’s the wait for? Select an application now and swap faces to show your fun side to your loved ones.

FAQs for Face Swap Apps for Android and iPhone

1. What are some tips for using a face swap app?

Use a high-quality image; the clearer the picture, the better results you’ll get.

2. How can I ensure the face swap app detects my face with clarity?

You can do so by using images having minimum shadow and glare. And also, your face should be well-centered in the image for the app’s algorithm to identify it effectively. Moreover, the results would be more realistic if both faces are in similar positions.

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