Technology or Clutter?

Updated October 6, 2023

Guest post by Bailey Digger she writes on the topic of web design degree. You can also write for TechMaish, Read Guest Blogging.

There are times when I look at my computer screen and wonder – do I really have easy access to technology or am I surrounded by clutter? The same question arises when I look at my smartphone – is it smart because it houses and allows access to the latest in technology or is it pretending to be useful while actually carrying a load of junk?

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The problem with technology is that it becomes clutter when we don’t use it. Today, it is easy enough to download just about any kind of application or software you want from the Internet. Most of it is free, so you don’t think twice about downloading it and leaving it on your desktop. Your hard disk comes with more space than you could possibly use, so you don’t see why you shouldn’t get the new app that your friends have told you is cool. In time however, your desktop starts to resemble a cluttered tabletop; and even if you’ve put all your applications into a special folder, the fact remains that your hard disk is still cluttered with those technological innovations that you’ve downloaded.

So then one fine day you decide to clean up your phone or computer or both; you sit down to uninstall those various applications that you really wanted to use but did not have the time (or the inclination to). And then you find that some of them refuse to leave your system altogether – a few stray files remain and cause unexpected problems when you shut down or when you’re multitasking and your hardware is strained to the maximum.

My question is – why download them in the first place if you’re not going to use them? Ever since the day I discovered my technology was nothing more than clutter, I set myself a few ground rules for downloading apps and software:

  • If I don’t use it at least once a week, it’s not necessary and needs to be uninstalled at once.
  • If it takes up too much of my system’s resources (phone or computer) and I don’t really need it, I could do without it.
  • If it hangs too often or has one too many bugs, then I look for an alternative.
  • Unless the application is important to my professional or personal life, I don’t subscribe to paid software.
  • If an application fails to deliver or live up to expectations, it’s time for it to go; there are many times this has happened – I download something based on recommendations from friends only to find that it is not really useful in my situation. I don’t keep it around for sentimental reasons, I uninstall it at once.

Technology is only as good as the way you use it and the amount of time you spend on it, so make sure it remains technology and does not become clutter.

Author Bio:- This guest post is contributed by Bailey Digger, she writes on the topic of web design degree . She welcomes your comments at her email id: [email protected].

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  • Robert @

    I know just what you mean, so many times I say to myself, why do I even have this, when I can do just the same thing with …….etc…

    I guess we just like holding onto things and think they’ll come in handy for a rainy day or something

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