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Updated October 6, 2023

Project Management is always a very complicated process but if you have the right tools with lots of features then it can be very easy. There are lots of free and paid project management tools available in the market, but the one i am going to review in this post is AceProject.

Aceproject is very fast project management software as compare to other softwares available in market and mind it speed is very important because the purpose of project management is to save time. If the tool you are using is not fast then you should not waste time on it, instead you can spend that time by managing it manually.

What is Project Management Softwares?

You are a company and want to manage different projects and every project has time duration, requirements. You have team of employees, now what you can do is to use project management softwares. Such softwares allow you to assign different task to users so that the project can be completed on the time with all its requirements. This enbling you to train your employe online without conducting meetings at your office premisis.

AceProject is a web based software which helps you manage several project management aspects such as task management, project costs, time sheets, expenses, documents and more. You can also check the percentage of work done on each project.

Its simple and user friendly Dash Broad allow you to check Approved, Pending, In Progress, Completed and Rejected projects.


Access Through Mobile Phone

No matter where you are, if you have a mobile phone and access to internet you can access Aceproject account to manage your projects. Its application is compatible with all mobile phones and web browsers. You can see a screen shot of mobile version of Aceproject.


Aceproject allow you to brand your account with your company logo and images so that the users can consider the software as a part of the company.

Time Sheet Tracking is another very useful feature of Aceproject software which allows you to track timing of every project. Time is the key factor in managing projects and this software allows you to track the amount of time spent on different projects by the users.

Packages offered by Aceproject

You have option to select Self Hosted or Internet Hosted package.

In Hosted Package you don’t need to install the software, access your account through internet using web browser.  No setup fee, no updates and unlimited support by phone.

In Internet Package you have total control and flexibility on the software. You can install the software on your PC, SQL server, ready to self customization and total control over security, performance and access.

Other Features

> My Notepad menu allow you to add notes for your self about different projects.

> My User Directory menu allow you check the information of users added for different projects.

> My Mail Box menu allow you to communicate with users through emails, for that you can setup SMTP setting of a email client to send and receive emails in your Aceproject inbox.

It is upto that how effectively you use this project management software, but it provides you variety of useful features. Most importantly it is very fast and that makes it more effective then any other one. Signup now for a free account and try its features and if you think it is beneficial then go for any package mention above and experience the power of project management with full features.

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