Soda PDF: The Perfect Mac Reader

Updated October 6, 2023

Soda PDF Reader

For all the MAC users, dealing with the PDF files may be a problem but no more because Soda PDF is here to allow you to read, edit and deal with PDF files. Soda Software is optimized specifically for the Mac users, and it tends to be the perfect mac reader for PDF files. Soda software is compatible with the Mac OS X, and the MAC users will certainly have no problem with the PDF files if they have Soda software installed.

Redesigned interface of Soda Software for Mac OS X

Soda software is a world- renowned PDF reader for windows. It has provided the users with all sort of convenience and services that might be required from a PDF file, such as to read it in 3D, convert into another format, convert different files into PDF, edit the PDF file and there are many other features that excite the users. The popular Soda software has redesigned the interface and reinvented their MAC reader software, making it compatible with the MAC OS X.

Soda PDF for Mac OS X is intuitive and fast. The interface of Soda PDF is inspired by the iWork suite of Apple. As it is specifically designed for the Mac users, the users will be easily finding their way around with the PDF files. They can open, print, view or review any PDF file on their Mac very easily.

Enabling 3D view of digital books

The soda software for MAC OS X will allow you to view your pdf files and digital books in 3D, just like it does in the case of windows. The soda software of Mac OS X allows you to print, view or open any of the .ePub, .cbr, .cbz and the .pdf files.

Conversion of different file formats to PDF by using soda software

You can create PDF files from different file formats like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, JPG and a lot more popular formats. Soda software makes the conversion of file formats to and from .pdf easy. Thus, if you have the soda software installed on your Mac OS X, there will certainly be no problem in dealing with the .pdf files. You can prepare your professional documentation, and all you need to keep is just one .pdf file which you can convert to Word, PowerPoint or Excel whenever you want to.

Other features offered by Soda PDF

The Soda PDF made exclusively for MAC OS X allows you to enjoy many different features too that include underline, strikethrough, and highlight. All these features allow you to manage your document in a better way and to review them becomes very easy too. Moreover, one disadvantage that has always been with the PDF files is that while having the forms in PDF, you either have to print them and fill them up, or you need to change them in an editable format so that you can fill in the forms. But no more, because with Soda PDF, the digital forms are editable and you can fill them up and save easily. So, add more convenience and save paper and thus trees too with Soda PDF!

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