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Updated October 6, 2023

Social media is now the ultimate solution for businesses to grow their presence on the internet. Gone are the days when all businesses needed to rely on search engines. With so many social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc., it is now easy for any online or offline business to build a fan base and attract new customers without spending thousands of dollars on PPC advertising.

The only problem is that with so many social media and networking sites, it is hard to pick the most suitable websites and then maintain all the created accounts to constantly build a fan base.  However, social media management tools like BuzzBundle can help in managing all accounts for you under different names. Generate more social buzz than one person could ever produce; you can manage different Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles within one project, e.g. your personal profiles, your CEO’s profiles and more! Social Bundle handles all the work for you in one environment so that you can build a fan base on every social media website without logging in and logging out.

How Social Bundle Can Help You Managing All Your Accounts?

SocialBundle is developed by Once you install the software you will be asked to add your website. The next window will ask for the keywords you want to target on social media, Q&A, Forums and Blogs.


 buzz bundle



On the next window, you can select the websites (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Blogs and Forums) where you want to create accounts and start participating in discussions.  Once you are done, the software streams all the latest happenings on the keywords you have selected for your domain.



Add your existing accounts info and link it to your campaign or create new accounts for all the websites you want to make part of the discussions. You just need to provide your email account SMTP details and BuzzBuild will automatically create accounts for you on all the selected websites.

You can switch between accounts and websites in a few seconds just by clicking on your account name from “Persona & Profiles” tab inside the software.

add new

Add up to 100 accounts for each project and keep all the accounts connected by using this innovative software; you can even surf websites through the built-in browser in BuzzBundle.

Spy on Competitors

Apart from managing social accounts you can also spy on your competitors by adding their websites from Preferences > Competitors tab.


Spy on what people are discussing about your competitors on which social media website.

Other Features of Social Bundle Software

You can add your own proxy list from inside Preferences tab so that your entire project is managed as a human and you don’t get labeled as a Spammer. BuzzBundle will rotate the proxy you provide which makes it look like each was manually created by different people (rather than with automated software).

Some websites use CAPTCHA codes to stop automated registration; you can use Anti-CAPTCHA codes through BuzzBundle to become registered on websites without entering It manually.

You can also schedule certain tasks and the software will run it automatically at the specified time using the built-in Scheduler feature of the software.

User Agent is another feature which makes BuzzBundle a powerful tool. Through this feature, you can set in the software to display different browser versions and operating systems so that the process can look natural. Human Emulation is another feature which enables the software to imitate human behavior when gathering data from different web services. This way, your searching activities can go unnoticed longer with little to no captcha pop-ups.

Apart from all this, there is another feature called Search Safety Settings which uses different search safety tools to ensure that the whole process is treated as human-like as possible.

Overall, SocialBundle is outstanding software for social media management which enables you to grow smarter and louder buzz for your brand.

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