JMeter Cloud Testing With BlazeMeter

Updated October 6, 2023

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JMeter testing is used to analyze the performance of various services like FTP, DataBase Connections, HTTP, Web Services and JMS. Web designers use such tools to measure the performance of websites and for that different tools can be used. However BlazeMeter is considered one of the best, reliable and effective tool amount such tools.

jmeter cloud testing

How it Works?

You need to visit BlazeMeter- JMeter Cloud Testing website and upload your jmeter script once you are login to your account. You will have the option to select from 1 to 60 engines for running the test. Select the engines and also select load geo origin (you will have six different locations) and run the test.

BlazeMeter provides self service to the designers and QA tester in very friendly environment and with great result.You get unlimited testing capacity with fully secured result and with 100% compatibility with JMeter. Another good thing about this wonderful tool is that you have the option to run a single testing or 60 different server tests.

The generated reports are very easy to understand and can be viewed in graphical forms. The report highlight all the important factors that are very necessary for making your website fast.

The tool is designed in a way that it deals with JMeter consumption and bandwidth constrains. It also provides you test management system which allows you to go through the log reports, and manage your tests. Apart from that you can also go through the past reports and can compare with the now one, so that comparison can make the result more clear.

It provides in depth report highlighting the pages that load slow, the error reports, the connection timeout report, script errors and user experience.

All the tests can be controlled during its processing through the engine logs that can help you to manage the memory, CPU and bandwidth consumption.

Automatic Scripting feature is also available in the tool that enables you to automatically run selenium jmeter scripts. Which saves time and allow first time users to understand how to the tool work.

The server of BlazeMeter are located in USA, California, Tokyo, Ireland, Singapore and Virginia. Thus allowing you multi geo location feature for running the tests. You can try the tool Free for the first 10 tests, try the tool now and experience the best result.

Visit:- BlazeMeter- JMeter Clouding Testing

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